Friday, October 9, 2009

Could BHO Policies Terminate the 2nd Amendment?

Amazingly the free speech of American writers is still being assailed by foreigners using civil laws that force the Defendant to prove he/she is not libel rather than the plaintiff proving a libel exists.

You would think this would be an issue that was well on the way to be resolved when the New York State Congress passed the State version of the
Libel Terrorism Protection Act (LTPA). That was a hard fought road that culminated in April 2008. The LTPA was inspired by author Rachel Ehrenfeld who is an American citizen which was sued by (now deceased) Khalid Salim bin Mahfouz for having his name in Ehrenfeld’s book Funding Evil.

Bin Mahfouz chose to use Britain’s civil laws based on the availability of Funding Evil in the UK. The British courts ordered a judgment in favor of bin Mahfouz almost by default – there was no American defendant at the trial. Bin Mahfouz did more than win; he attempted to use American authorities to force Ehrenfeld to pay over $200,000 for a British legal decision based on Ehrenfeld not being there to prove her case.

Ehrenfeld began to have legal expenses in America to protect herself from bin Mahfouz. The American Courts (in this case a State Court) would not rule on an out of State issue. Eventually the New York State Congress came to Ehrenfeld’s rescue with legislation preventing libel terrorism (*there are other names: e.g. Robert Spencer uses libel tourism).

Enter globalist minded Leftist President Barack Hussein Obama that if true to his word will no doubt sign legislation coming out of Congress that
criminalizes free speech that someone (anyone) utters words which may be construed to incite violence. That legislation would be designed to protect homosexuals from hate crimes yet its scope is fairly universal for a slick prosecutor or litigating lawyer to expand an attribution of a speech or written material criticizing a homosexual or Islam as incitement to violence. Couple this with the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama is on board to enforce the validation of homosexuality from the U.N. and making it globally illegal to criticize the religion responsible for most of the violence existing in this modern age.

Robert Spencer has an awesome essay about how “libel tourism” (or libel terrorism) could become a fact of life in America due to BHO’s anti-free speech policies leading to shutting down criticism of Islam.
It is a good read!

JRH 10/9/09

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