Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Could the Dollar’s Demise be the Demise of America?

There seems to be a global conspiracy to end the “dollar” as the currency of choice in international trade and monetary reserves. This is not surprising considering the huge amount of debt that America is in as well as the constant devaluation of the buck as compared to the European euro or the British pound sterling.

The thing that is surprising is that some nations in the West, viz. France, appear to have participated in economic back door geopolitics. Who did France team up with? Among other emerging economic powers, the Communist Chinese has joined the global bandwagon to end the dollar’s dominance in things global.

It sounds ironic to think of China saying something like, “Nothing personal, its just business.” China is the last bastion of a powerful repressive Marxist (Maoist) State. That means the goal of China philosophically (not necessarily politically) is to terminate Capitalism and replace that system with a Communist utopia of no ownership. To achieve the utopia every good Marxist believes the end justifies the means. Hence the lack of human rights and the execution of repression (some of which is deadly) to keep society moving to the mythical utopia is perpetuated.

For all of France’s faults it is a Western Nation with a tradition civil rights and Liberty even though the concepts differ from the American example. The only reason I can see France (or India for that matter) siding with an enemy of Western Liberty is the prevalence of globalism and the move toward world government and a world economy.

I should mention that the article by which this wondering began also mentions that one global possibility is a United Nations currency for International trade and monetary reserves.

Can you say the end of American sovereignty and the cancellation of the best document representing Liberty and Freedom ever written becoming nullified and subservient to global laws and regulations? That is what I am thinking anyway.

JRH 10/7/09

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