Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Administration Plan for ‘GITMO NORTH’

President Barack Hussein Obama who promised to close Gitmo has misjudged his options. After becoming the hero of the Leftist world for campaigning to close Gitmo, BHO has found it difficult to find the means to the goal.

The realization that the Gitmo terrorists are not being received with open arms by Western Leftist oriented democracies became an unexpected wall to closing Gitmo. BHO has trudged on with his goal by owning up a significant amount of Gitmo terrorists would be housed on American soil.

The next wall for closing Gitmo was the fact that Americans (who tend to be apolitical rather than slanted Left or Right) did not have a desire to have murderous American-haters imprisoned (or possibly released for time served) in their backyard.

The slanted Right in America has stepped up to meet the need of Americans with common sense about terrorist American-hatemongers. One of the many slant Right organizations opposed to closing Gitmo is Move America Forward (MAF). MAF primary purpose for existing is to promote support back home for American troops fighting Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

MAF has been following the rather secretive ambitions of President BHO to house terrorists in America. Apparently the Obama Administration has dubbed Standish, MI as a location. MAF has discovered a huge local outrage in Standish over their community being the penal residence of American-hating terrorists. The Obama Administration evidently has the Michigan State politicians and Officials swooped up in BHO’s agenda to house terrorists from a closed Gitmo. Even the County officials governing Standish is not listening to the local outcry against Islamic terrorists coming to their community.

Below is MAF’s coverage of the BHO agenda for Standish, MI received in an email alert.

JRH 10/9/09
Obama Administration Plan for “GITMO NORTH”
Michigan Patriots Mobilizing Pushback on Plan to Bring GITMO to America

Move America Forward
Email Sent: Fri 10/9/2009 4:47 AM

Despite the clear evidence that terrorists are better kept at Guantanamo Bay, the Obama Administration is determined to bring these cutthroat murderers into the United States where they can take advantage of the American justice system. Because of a huge public outcry, they are trying to hide which prison or prisons in the U.S. could be receiving terrorists only a few months from now – throwing all pretenses of transparency out the window.

Our sources have told Move America Forward that Standish, Michigan, is almost certain to receive some of these terrorists UNLESS Americans rise up and oppose this foolish plan – a plan conceived during the Obama political campaign to appease his most leftist supporters.

Fortunately, the people of Michigan are not lying down and giving up. They are fighting back, even though some of their own political leaders have been encouraging terrorists being located there. They foolishly believe it will help the economy by growing their prison. How shortsighted can you get?

Please make a contribution to Move America Forward now so we can help the people of Michigan fight off this horrible idea.


Just days ago, the Arenac County Board of Commissioners approved the following resolution which was then adapted for the city of Standish and forwarded to the Standish City Council for consideration at a secretly held emergency meeting held last night.




that the City of Standish endorses efforts by the State of Michigan and the United States of America to reach an agreement to utilize the Standish Maximum Prison for the detainment of current Federal detainees and prisoners held in Federal facilities. And/or use by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


The only thing that kept this resolution from being adopted at the recent emergency city council meeting was that not enough of the council showed up and they could not form the quorum necessary to do city business! The city and county governments are working with Obama’s administration to QUIETLY set the stage for Obama’s final decision to move the terrorists, and they are ignoring anyone – even local citizens – who protest!

When it came to Standish Max and the topic of Guantanamo Bay detainees being held there, most of the people in attendance were clear in their opposition and encouraged the city to hold off passing a resolution supporting the transfer of federal detainees to Standish Max until more information is available.

“We’re not getting any answers from our Governor, Rep. Stupak, no one,” said city resident Kelly Kimball.

Kimball was armed with a poster, which showed the effect transferring Gitmo detainees to Standish would have if a one-mile radius surrounding the prison needed to be seized by the federal government as well. She added that she spoke with a city manager in Leavenworth, Kan., where a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility is located, and said the manager told her five miles were cleared in every direction around the facility.

“If it’s Gitmo, they’re cutting stuff down because they need to see. I’m a tree-hugger… I don’t want Gitmo here,” she said. “I don’t want to see people lose their homes. I don’t want to see a bunch of kids get blown up.”

The Arenac County Independent
October 8, 2009

The residents of Standish still showed up and protested these moves, but outside of Standish, the mass media has been extremely quiet about what the federal government has been up to in Michigan. Even within the state of Michigan, in cities like Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids, the information coming out about Standish is very scarce.


Michigan is suffering from a budgetary crisis that they are locked in. The state of Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country, and the state budget is a huge mess. The battle over Michigan budget dominates the state news agencies. On a national scale Obama and his health care bill still dominate.

It’s just like Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never waste a good crisis.”

Obama and his justice department led by Eric Holder, are attempting to use these huge debates as a smoke screen so they can fly terrorists into America under the radar!

It’s time to WAKE PEOPLE UP, we need to ANGRY ABOUT THIS and QUICK! The longer we wait, the bolder Obama will get and he could possibly ram this down America’s throat before anyone really notices.

Sadly, some in Standish feel it’s already to late to fight Obama.

“If they (federal government) want that place, then I guess we have nothing to say about it,” he said. “If they want it, they’re going to get it.”

Standish City Councilman Mark Winslow

Wrong! We can do something about this! From the example provided by the tea party movement, we know that public outcry and massive opposition can encourage more debate, can make our leaders think twice about what they do. We can STOP Gitmo in America!

Many legislators are skeptical of Obama’s plans already, the American people are overwhelmingly against Obama’s Gitmo Plan. The only people in support of it are Obama himself, the desperate leaders of Standish who mistakenly see GITMO as the answer to their money problems, and of course the terorrists themselves waiting in GITMO, itching for the freedom to kill again, they can almost taste it.

By showing a VOCAL and BOLD display of outcry and backlash, we can give our congress the confidence to stand up to Obama and his administration. They can stop him if they have our support! We can stop the Standish city council if we just lend our support to the good people of Standish who are working to oppose Obama.


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