Saturday, October 3, 2009

BHO Is an Utter Geopolitical Disaster

President Barack Hussein Obama is turning out to be quite the incompetent geopolitician and President Sarkozy of France demonstrated his frustration of BHO’s incompetence at the mass meeting of Heads of State at the UN.

Let’s briefly catch-up concerning Obama incompetence; well really just a couple of things concerning Obama’s recent demonstration of incompetence. I am certain someone else could add volumes to a list of geopolitical incompetence.

In trying to please Russia’s displeasure about a Missile Defense Shield for Europe via the Eastern European nations of Poland and the Czech Republic, the appeaser Obama scrapped it. The Obama apologist scheme about this sounded plausible for the ignorant cadre of American Leftists; viz. the reasoning is if America tosses a bone to Russia, then Russia will begin to cooperate concerning peaceful yet stouter sanctions against Iran’s nuke program. The official lame excuse was explaining that Iran’s missiles were not aimed at America.

Now all of that sounds so lofty and like the plan to bring world peace in our time. But, check it out: Scraping the MDS put Poland and the Czech Republic governments in a bind. It was not an easy sell to those nations’ constituents to potentially paint a target for a first strike from Russia. Yes naysayers, Russia did express the possibility of a nuke strike against the hosting nations for building MDS apparatuses in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Keep in mind the MDS was not merely for Poland and the Czech Republic, it was for all of Eastern Europe and possibly the near reaches of the western part of Western Europe. Basically Obama sold out Europe. The MDS was officially a screen directed at Iran’s belligerence; nonetheless, Russia has not been exactly friends to its former Soviet Satellites. Ask Ukraine and Georgia to understand just what Russia is capable of toward near nations crossing them.

Then there is the thing about appeasing Russia for our old buddy the non-communist Russia to step up to the plate of international liberty and join in condemning Iran’s potential to use their nuke program to become a nuclear armed State. That did not do so good did it? Shortly after scrapping the MDS program the world hears that Iran clandestinely built another nuke plant. For peace? If you believe that then I have some real cheap swamp land beaches for sale in Florida.

What kind of commitment did that information elicit to our appeased buddies in the Russian government? Russia and China both gave harsh yet very obscure joint statement rebukes almost out of courtesy for being in Pittsburg, USA for a G-20 Summit. The rebukes played well for Obama at the time but there has been little substance from Russia or China for their so-called strong rebuke. Indeed later Russia and China went on record as claiming the clandestine nuke facility was no reason to add stronger sanctions against Iran.

Is appeasement working for Obama? The verbal picture sure does not show that. Not only has Russia and China fumbled their so-called harsh statement but there is the appearance that Obama is willing to acquiesce to a nuclear Iran as the new Middle Eastern hegemon. Russia has given zero. Iran continues trucking along toward a nuclear arsenal with ICBMs and Obama is left grasping for straws.

Charles Krauthammer has expressed in a recent editorial that even French President Sarkozy is fed up with Obama’s geopolitics. Basically Sarkozy had to scrap part of his UN speech after Obama’s UN speech did not mention the nuclear threat of Iran’s clandestine nuke facility. Krauthammer’s thoughts demonstrate Obama to be a total foreign policy failure for America; indeed that equates to a dangerous failure – READ IT.

JRH 10/3/09 (Hat Tip: Expose Obama)

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