Saturday, October 10, 2009

Suicide Bombing as Worship

In Islamic Law it is forbidden to kill non-combatant men, women and children. Further more suicide is highly restricted in Islam for that will deny the Muslim entrance into Paradise.

So why is one of the Muslim acts of war via a homicidal-suicide attack against civilian men, women and children looked upon by Muslims as such a great honor and direct entrance into Paradise by the murdering perpetrator?

The Islamic theological concept of abrogation must be the key to understanding this contradiction. A rough imprecise description of abrogation goes something like this:

    The Quranic verses accredited to the time period of Mohammed’s stay in Mecca prior to the Hegira to Medina are full of tolerance and ways of achieving inner peace. The Quranic verses written in Medina and during the conquest of Mecca tend to be violent and intolerant especially toward non-Muslim (kafir). In Islamic parlance the Medina verses abrogate or are superior to the early Mecca verses.

With this concept of abrogation in mind read some specifics on the reasons why homicidal suicides are an accepted practice in Islam while simultaneously Islam forbids the harm of non-combatants and suicide. Denis MacEoin has the explanation:

JRH 10/10/09

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