Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its Time for the Slanted Right to Unite

Michael Medved has a new article entitled, “The Only Way to Beat Obamanism: Elect More Republicans.” The article’s premise is self-explanatory: To stop the Leftist agenda of the Democrats and the Obama Administration, Republicans must be elected.

Medved goes on to criticize the thought that Third Parties are an answer to Leftist Democrats. The gravitation of some of the Slanted Right to Third Parties is the result of frustration with the Republican Party. He even effectively discredits the thought that the beginning of the Republican Party was that of a Third Party. Medved argues that the Republican Party did not compete with the Whig Party but rather replaced it. Hence Third Parties have never successfully operated in the USA.

Medved half-heartedly criticizes the public rallies carrying anti-Obama signs specifically referencing Tea Party protesters. I say half-heartedly for Medved wrote that the rallies do nothing to influence current Congressional or Administrative members. Yet Medved does say the Tea Parties could become a tool to focus on electing Republicans to counteract the Leftist Democrats.

Instead of becoming frustrated with the GOP and supporting the Slanted Right platforms of Third Parties (and there are many out there with good intentions), it is time to focus on the only reality which is dislodging Democrats. That reality is a Slanted Right move of Republicans in which the various agendas unite with one purpose – DEFEAT DEMOCRATS.

Pro-Life Republicans do not necessarily have the same agenda as Less Government Republicans. Social Issue Republicans do not necessarily have the same agenda as Free Market Republicans. Many Conservatives view Neoconservatives in a negative light. I am sure you could add some other scenarios. The point is though that all these agendas need to unite again to end the Leftist agenda that is rendering the U.S. Constitution into a useless “living organ” mystically able to be interpreted as seen fit rather than by intent.

JRH 10/7/09 (Hat Tip: Member only Blind Conservative List)

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