Sunday, October 11, 2009

TNN: A Message to al Qaeda from Texas

I am not a real big fan of the Texas Nationalist Movement or of Texas secession from the Union. I can understand why certain citizens not only from Texas but other secessionist movements are disgruntled with the current Leftist government in Washington, DC. Just as President Lincoln perceived way back in 1860, a United States of America divided into various independent States in America is a weak America. A weak America would be a target for enemies of the American way of thinking.

I prefaced with the above thoughts because I just viewed an awesome and hilarious YouTube video of Texas Nationalist Movement’s President Daniel Miller.

A self-proclaimed Muslim terrorist of al Qaeda was recently caught by the authorities before he could do any damage. Guess where he was captured at? If you thought Texas then you are a winner.

The perpetrator was a Jordanian citizen and his name is Hosam Maher Husein Smadi. Here are the details from the Dallas Morning News.

The YouTube video of Miller giving al Qaeda a big Texas warning about what Texas will do to al Qaeda is spoken like the reality of what most Americans feel. Watch the video for your American enjoyment but kind of ignore the Texas secessionist propaganda.

JRH 10/11/09

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