Monday, October 5, 2009

“Nazi Israel:” Obama’s Official Web Site Equates Israel to Nazi Germany

Israpundit exposes the anti-Israel sentiment of Barack Hussein Obama by showing a post which if not approved by the Obama Administration would have been taken down. In essence the post equates Israeli policies toward Arabs as the same as the Nazi genocidal policies to cleanse the earth of Jews.

The post is at
Organizing for America on December 29, 2008. The post is still there; however if anyone else picks up on the Israpundit exposé of BHO, I suspect will be taken down. The post was written by Lech Alex Bajan about a Professor Richard Falk of Princeton University.

The Bajan post is the typical “
Palestinians” are blameless victims and the Israelis are brutal oppressors slant. It is the Arab story minus any mention of Arab history of violence, racism and hatred conducted against Jewish Israel just prior to Statehood and afterwards after 1948.

Here is
Israpundit’s brief exposé.

JRH 10/5/09

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