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Washington State Referendum 74

John R. Houk
© October 2, 2012

I am a Conservative Family Values kind of guy. Couple this to know that I grew up in a small town in Washington State (I currently live in Oklahoma). I have a tendency to pay attention to politics in the Evergreen State.

Two-thirds of the population of Washington State lives west of the Cascade Mountain Range. This is roughly one-third of the State.  In doing the math then obviously one-third of the population lives on the two-thirds east of the Cascades.

This important to know because most people think of Washington State as an in the tank people for Left Wing politics. The in the tank Leftists live west of the Cascades dominated by Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. East of the Cascades the voting bloc is generally Conservative even if they have been lifelong Democrats.

When I was growing up in Washington the State was divided by just two area codes: 206 and 509. Since I have moved from my beloved Eastern Washington multiple area codes mostly on the West side have emerged. As a kid I learned to call people the Seattle Side people 206ers. Yes it was meant in a pejorative sense.

So in Washington State the 206ers have politically bullied the Eastern two-thirds of the State. However once in a while there is a political issue in which 206er Center Left voters agree with Right Wingers and the Center Right voters of Eastern Washington.

That political issue is holy matrimony. Recently the Washington State legislature made ungodly same-sex marriage legal. The Washington folks that believe marriage is between a male and a female got together to get enough signatures to get Referendum 74 on the November ballot to repeal the legislative action. Referendum 74 gives the voters the power to what is right and not Left Wing Secular Humanist Moral Relativists.

The Traditional Marriage folks had to deal with hostility from homosexual activists that attempted to intimidate voters by publicizing petition signers’ names and addresses. The horror of hate-mail or vandalism is a near terrorist method to strike fear into voters to keep them from signing the petition to place Referendum on the November ballot. Even with the homosexual political terrorism the Traditional Marriage folks got twice as many signatures than was needed.

Referendum 74 is the work of Traditional Marriage proponents. Ironically the wording of the people’s initiative to reject State legislation works out like this: a yes vote makes homosexual marriage legal and a no vote makes homosexual marriage illegal. So it is actually fairly neutral with the positive favoring same-sex marriage and the negative rejecting same-sex marriage.

Something I might point out: As I was Googling for information about Referendum 74. I should have expected this but I was still a bit disappointed. The top Google listings emphasized the homosexual point of view stigmatizing the Traditional Family view. A quick perusal of the pro-homosexual stands highlighted polls in which Washington State citizens and Catholics support same-sex marriage. These pro-homosexual views treated percentages between 50 and 54 as overwhelming proof that Washington voters are in the tank for same-sex marriage. Forgive me for pointing out if the poll was taken on the West side of the State those percentages are a bit skewed. If the nearly half of those poll stats are coupled with the overwhelming Traditional Marriage voters of the Eastern Washington I suspect the outcome in November will be a bit of surprise for homosexuals. OR maybe it won’t be a surprise knowing that pro-homosexual propaganda is being pumped into the Washington State voters.

An email from Eugene Delgaudio is what touched off these thoughts on Referendum 74. Below is that email.

JRH 10/2/12

Can I share a victory with you, John?

By Eugene Delgaudio
Sent: 10/1/2012 5:20 PM

Real marriage is under assault in so many states right now.

But Washington State voters will now have a chance to decide for themselves whether they want to redefine marriage to include homosexual "couples."

And this chance is largely due to the efforts of Public Advocate.

You see, pro-Family Washingtonians have been locked in a terrible fight since the beginning of the year against this radical legislative turn.

There the state legislature -- on orders from the Homosexual Lobby -- chose to instigate homosexual “marriage” despite massive popular opposition.

However, within days pro-Family activists started working to undo this law.

And Public Advocate was right there with them.

For months we gathered signatures to put a marriage referendum on the November ballot...

...and my friend, we did it!

Despite the vicious pro-homosexual attacks, Referendum 74 will be voted on by the people.

If it is endorsed by the voters, Washington homosexual "marriage" will be repealed.

It was a hard fight... the Homosexual Lobby resorted to cruel and underhanded tactics.

They created an entire website just to publish the names of Americans who signed the referendum -- and then they encouraged their supporters to attack these signers however they could.

Just to make an example of them!

They wanted to scare others away from signing.

They even linked directly to Facebook so radical activists could check their list of friends to see if any had “betrayed” the Homosexual Agenda.

But the Family persevered and won this first step.

Now it's up to you and me to make sure that every pro-Family Washingtonian knows about this vote and the danger facing them.

I hope you will stand with me in the coming weeks as Public Advocate works diligently to get the truth out to the voters.

For the Family,
Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. If you can, please
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Washington State Referendum 74
John R. Houk
© October 2, 2012
Can I share a victory with you, John?

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