Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama admits birth place.... You Tube

Here are some Obama video snippets in which the President’s own mouth says things like - he was born in Kenya and that he is a Muslim. The snippets were put together under Birther enthusiasm; thus it will be easy to claim Birthers used special editing to take Obama’s words out of context.

The fascinating fact is – no matter the context – the words proceeded from Obama’s lips. Was it a freudian slip? Perhaps you don’t want to share you suspicions publicly from Obama Freudian slips because of the probability of being labeled a Birther nutcase. Perhaps these Obama slips might influence you to vote against the great deceiver on November 6, 2012.

JRH 10/22/12 (Hat Tip Vicki)

Obama admits birth place.... You Tube

Chain Email
Sent: Oct 14, 2012 at 4:25 PM

JUST WATCH EVEN THE FIRST 30 - 40 seconds!

I know we are all tired of hearing about this, and reading emails about this B UT...hear in his own words....

Scroll all the way down and watch the video, It is Obama after he became a Senator. How come it never came out before now?  Obama admits not being born in Hawaii.   Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes?   Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen. Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a "natural born" citizen... OOOPS!   Circulate this before they yank it from the internet.   Will someone tell me why this guy is not being impeached??? If you just watch the first 30 seconds your mouth will drop open. Obama admits he is not a citizen. 

His first speech is apparently just after his election to the US senate.


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May 2, 2010

The video starts out with some content from, which, of course is contrived. And yet, there seems to be a synthetic truth about what the president says. Is he "natural born" according to the Constitution? No. The requirement is that BOTH parents need to be U. S. Citizens. Two U. S. Citizen parents produce a "natural born" citizen. It's likely that Mr. Obama was REGISTERED in Hawaii; therefore he has a COLB from Hawaii. The truth may well be he was born in Kenya; that is where we believe his "long-form" birth certificate was issued. Nevertheless, "natural born" indicates, and speaks to the fact that BOTH parents have to be U. S. Citizens. His father WAS NEVER a U. S. Citizen, therefore, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a "natural born" Citizen of the United States, thus he is in violation of Amendment 14, and Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution.

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