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City after Apocalypse
Danny Jeffrey provides a convincing snapshot of the collapse of the world order as we know it today. I might be one of those that look for a silver lining in every moment of chaos. I just believe that good always triumphs over evil in God’s timing. I just pray the timing is shorter rather than longer.

JRH 10/15/12

By Danny Jeffrey
October 11, 2012

Many Americans, and for that matter, most of the people who inhabit this planet, live in their own little corner of our globe, each with their own world view, fears, hopes, and delusions. As for those delusions, many choose to ignore the reality that surrounds them and indulge in their own self imposed tunnel vision, seeing only what they want to see and blocking out the rest. Those who indulge in such feel good fantasies will be among the first to fall before coming events.

We now stand on the precipice of World War III and it will have little in common with the two previous world wars. Indeed it will not simply be a world war, the danger that now approaches will be a WORLD WAR! No area of the globe will be spared the horrors to come.

There are economic wars, tribal wars, race wars, political, and civil wars, wars of conquest, and worst of all there are religious wars. The conflagration that is about to engulf this planet will a combination of all the above. Add nuclear war to the equation and the outlook will be enough mess up your whole day.

There are so very many forces at work worldwide that are pressing for war. The New World Order plans to subjugate mankind at all costs. Saudi Arabia's vast fortunes are financing Islamic infiltration throughout the nations of the world. Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions and with the great wealth derived from their oil fields is fomenting unrest throughout the Middle East. It has also formed an alliance with Venezuela and is establishing missile bases there, thus bringing their goals of war to the western hemisphere. Those missile bases are thought to be able to hit the continental U.S.. Hugo Chavez has promised that if England and Argentina once again wage war over the Falkland Islands, he will join the fray on the side of Argentina, and a new incentive for that war is that England is now drilling for oil offshore from the Falklands. Quite naturally Mister Chavez would love to lay claim to those oil rigs.

Now there is no doubt that all of South America will will (sic) soon be under some form of totalitarian regime, with rebel armies on the move throughout the continent. Add Central America to the formula, and let's not forget Mexico. The latest election results of Mexico, two rebel armies, one Marxist and the other Communist, as well as the ever increasing power of the drug cartels, have spelled the end of hope for the unfortunate people of that nation. Consequently they are pouring into the United States with the blessings of our Marxist leader, and they will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. Their presence will guarantee economic ruin to North America.

North and South Korea are beating the drums of war and now, thanks to the inaction of world leaders, North Korea is a rogue nuclear nation. China is building twenty new unoccupied cities a year. Most speculate that this mysterious effort is a make work program to stimulate China's economy. I see those cities as a fall back refuge for their population if their ancient cities are destroyed in a nuclear exchange.

While in the western hemisphere, Canada and the U.S. are both under attack from the forces of socialism, Progressivism, communists, and labor unions. Both nations have an unending influx of Muslims demanding that both Canada and the U.S. adopt Sharia and overturn their own Constitutions. In addition the United States has millions of racist blacks who are now embracing Islam and threatening to burn down our cities if Obama is defeated in November. Also unique to this nation are the million of Latino immigrants, both legal and illegal, who claim that the Southwest was "Stolen" from them and they plan to take it back.

The Middle East and Africa are ablaze with unending civil wars and ethnic cleansing while Europe is a seething cauldron, overrun by Islam and betrayed by their leaders. "Multiculturalism" is somewhat akin to "Hokus Pokus" as both go so well with smoke and mirrors, and deception. Multiculturalism is in essence a form of social suicide as one of those civilizations must either absorb or destroy the other. Two legal frameworks for two different cultures cannot possibly coexist within national borders.

The aforementioned betrayal by leaders is not restricted to the political realm, but also permeates the spiritual. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury tells his followers that the implementation of Sharia in Britain is inevitable. The late Pope, Shenouda III, of the Coptic Church supported suicide bombers and announced his intentions to excommunicate any Copt who visited Israel. The Vatican's show of support for Islam was welcomed as they condemned the Danish anti-Islamic cartoons, but the hoped for reciprocity from Islam fell on deaf ears. In the United States a new word has emerged: Chrislam, which is a tolerance/merging of Christianity and Islam as both Bibles and the Qur'an are found side by side in many Christian churches. Again, no reciprocity worldwide as Islam continues burning churches and murdering Christians.

There is little need to provide details of Hussein Obama's devotion to the cause of Islam and his willingness to sacrifice our citizens and our wealth before their goals of world conquest, but two nations must be watched: Russia and China. Both have a history of violently crushing resistance and yet at the moment both are seemingly tolerant of the dangers of Islam with millions of its followers making ever louder demands of both nations. Consider this to be temporary.

Communism is not tolerant, it is totalitarian, but at the moment both nations are concerned with world opinion and economic stability, however temporary that might be. Both are in the process of developing ever increasing military might as Obama disassembles ours. As global disintegration occurs there is no doubt that Russia and China will resort to their old standards of mass graves to control the unruly.

Even far off
is not immune to the ravages of Islam, and it has been determined that Muslims in that nation are more likely to become militant than in any other western nation. They are prohibited from integrating into the existing culture. That is not stopping the migration of many Europeans and English to this remote continent as many have written their European homelands off as a lost cause. Sadly, they are learning that as in Europe, Islam justifies the rape of white women as they "deserve it" for going outside without covering their head after the Islamic fashion demands.

A recent comment by an internet friend expressed hopes that the impending crisis within the U.S. could be "defused". Wishful thinking, and this would apply to the world situation as well. There quite simply are too many people in the world, and mankind has not yet come up with a more efficient way to reduce excessive populations than war.

A simple look at today's headlines will indicate that the pressure cooker is ready to explode. No society/world can live peacefully with economic collapse. Money, in one form or the other, is the foundation on which civilization is built. Monetary collapse will always be accompanied by societal collapse as well, which leads to civil strife, and the economic manipulations of the New World Order are paving the way to total turmoil in the world's markets.

Couple these economic problems with the world wide droughts that are taking a striking toll or our ability to produce food for the starving masses, factor in government regulations designed to limit the productiveness of farmlands, and then consider the seething hatred that Islam is spreading and the traitorous leaders who endorse it. The situation is volatile and it cannot be defused.

I mentioned in the first paragraph those who live in denial and seek a feel good remedy to the issues we all face today. Quite honestly they are the least of my concerns, and I seriously doubt that many of those escapists visit this website. I am far more interested in those with the intelligence and courage to admit the dangers before us, for it is on their shoulders that a new America will emerge.

As I write this essay we are less than a month from the 2012 elections. Should Obama be reelected we will become the Muslim States of America and must act as the Founding Fathers would have wanted us to. If Romney is elected then almost certainly the announcement of his victory will be immediately followed by a great civil discord within the inner cities, and let us not forget that even in victory he will inherit the financial collapse designed and implemented by Team Obama.

There is no happy outlook, for beyond the borders of this nation a great war is on the horizon and it is up to we, the traditionalists of America to do what Americans do best:
Rise to the occasion and rebuild.
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About Danny Jeffrey

I'm sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

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