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Does Pakistan Deserve American Bucks and Aid?

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John R. Houk
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Can Pakistan be an ally of the United States of America in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)? In 2001 when al Qaeda attacked the U.S. soil on September 1 Pakistan’s friendship was greatly appreciated; however we have to know now that Pakistan’s friendship was more out of the perception of their National Interests rather than combating Radical Muslims (al Qaeda & Taliban) that attacked America.

Pakistan and India have been mortal enemies ever since the British separated the Indian Sub-Continent roughly along Hindu and Muslim lines. Even though significant numbers of Muslims remained in India and non-Muslims (mostly Hindus but other religious groups as well) remained in Pakistan mutual hatred along religious lines exacerbated between the two newly created nations.

Muslims began a brutal invasion of India shortly after Mohammed’s death. That invasion was probably one of the most blood curdling genocides to hit planet earth. As Hindus began to lose battle after battle to the death-cult invaders Hindus were offered initially the only two choices after defeat because of the polytheistic nature of Hinduism: Convert or die.

The tried and true practice of oppression in former Christian lands conquered by Muslims transformed a Christian culture into an Arab speaking Muslim culture. India did not fall into line as much as a conquered Christian majority. Hindus resisted the transformation of their culture which resulted in the massive slaughter of people. There was so much slaughter that eventually the polytheistic Hindus were offered the same choices as Jews and Christians: Convert to Islam, live a subhuman class as a dhimmi having to actually pay a protection tax to live semi-peacefully and agree to submission to Islamic culture or die.

At any rate by 1947 the larger land mass of India went to the Hindu majority that had a significant minority of Muslims and Sikhs. Two smaller land masses of the Indian Subcontinent became Pakistan in the west and east with India smack dab between the divided Muslim republic. After Muslim elites and Hindu elites agreed (somewhat) on the borders of Pakistan and India a mass populations transference occurred between Hindus leaving Pakistan and Muslims leaving India.

Pakistan needed the military technology of the U.S. friendship to keep a military balance against their arch-enemy India. Frankly the USA has missed the boat on choosing friends between Pakistan and India. Pakistan is a dictatorship with a lot of byzantine inter-government rivalries that makes for an unreliable ally. India is far from a perfect democratic republic; nonetheless it is one. In Cold War days Pakistan’s usefulness was that it bordered Communist enemy Soviet Union (Now Russia).

Since the USA found an enemy of my enemy friend in Pakistan in relation to the Soviet Union we have been in the Pakistan camp for a long time. Since Pakistan and India are mortal enemies this forced the largest democratic republic on planet earth in India to cozy up with the Soviet Union.

Today there is no Soviet Union. Today Pakistan is a Christian persecuting nation willing to use their Sharia legal code to strip the people of Christian faith from their religious freedom. Pakistan is becoming the largest Muslim nation that uses a legal code to maintain religious despotism to make sure there is no criticism of Islam. Blasphemy Laws will nail Pakistanis for converting to Christianity, for saying the Christian faith is better than the Muslim faith, for making the least significant negative comment about Mohammed, for singeing a Quran wittingly or unwittingly and you name it for whatever a Muslim might find insulting.

If a Christian converts to Islam then it is happy day in Pakistan. If a Muslim criticizes Jesus as the Son of God or denigrates the authenticity of the holiness of the Bible then it is happy day in Pakistan. If a Muslim desires the advantage of Christian property or Christian women (particularly young unwed Christians) then too bad for that Christian family; some kind of Blasphemy will be created that brings an advantage to the Muslim.

How can America continue to support a Muslim Pakistan when that nation’s people are obviously in the hate America crowd? Hiding bin Laden is an obvious example of Pakistani treachery. It is time to court India’s friendship and to dump Pakistan.

You have to ask, “What led you to examine Pakistan’s friendship today?”

Here’s the thing. I am a member of the Facebook Group Free Hector Aleem. Hector has the unfortunate status of being a Christian Civil Rights advocate that became the victim of a fabricated Blasphemy Law violation by a Muslim Cleric who desired the possession of a small Pakistani Christian Church. Hector was cleared of the Blasphemy charge (remarkably) but minor charges that I don’t understand has kept Hector incarcerated for half a decade.

Hector’s daughter Mehwish has been the moderator of the Facebook group trying to free her father without the advantage of high profile support from large international Civil Rights organizations or Christian Churches. For the most part Mehwish’s frustration for the lack of big dog support goes on without complaint. That tells me there are undoubtedly other Christians not only in Pakistan but also in other Muslim nations that face the wrath of Sharia inspired Blasphemy Laws that do not get a high profile focus. Thank God there are organizations out there that make room in their budgets to help who they can. Money is not limitless and the Christian faith does not carry the political weight in the West as it once did. There will be no Pope appealing to nations to embark on a Holy Crusade to protect Christians in Muslim lands.

The irony is there is a Muslim call in Muslim lands to reawaken Muslim global domination by the establishment of a Caliphate to unite Muslims into one Ummah. This sounds ludicrous to us in the West but it is not ludicrous to Muslims that have viewed themselves as dominated by the kafir in the West. Radical Muslims – purist Muslims desiring to reform modern Islam back to the Islamic domination of yesteryear – have been rabble rousing Muslims by instilling pride of the writings of the Quran, Hadith and Sira. If a Muslim is even a little bit religious then they are indoctrinated that the Quran is divinely perfect and the Mohammed you can read (or hear) about in the Hadith and Sira is the perfect man to emulate. And as much as that moderate Muslim next door demands you believe that Islam is peace, the Quran, Hadith and Sira are riddled with hatred toward Jews, Christians, polytheists and atheists. At first Mo commanded Muslims to respect Jews and Christians as the People of the Book; however in later suras spoken he calls Jews and Christians corrupt not to be trusted and if they do not submit to Islam – kill them.

This is becoming the overriding Islam of Pakistan. The line between the so-called moderate Islam and Radical Islam is becoming blurred in the Middle East and especially in a place such as Pakistan.

It has been and continues to be that the mantra of Muslim Apologists and Multicultural Leftists is that Radical Muslims are 10% of the Islamic faith. This is what I am seeing in the Muslim dominated lands and to a remarkable respect in Europe: The so-called 90% of moderate Muslims ARE NOT decrying the methods and goals of the 10% of Radical Muslims. You don’t have to be a rock scientist to understand the HUGE lack of denunciation is the same as agreeing with the Caliphate conquest of the World for Islam. As a Christian I find this offensive.

At Free Hector Aleem Mehwish shares a link to two situations that has recently occurred in Pakistan concerning the Freedom defeating Blasphemy Laws and the Islamic Supremacist dismissal of the crime of a false accusation by a Muslim against a 14 year old Christian girl.

These links were posted by Mehwish on October 12 about yet another Christian about to be charged for breaking the Blasphemy Law and the accuser of Rimsha MasihKhalid Jadoon – having charges of planting evidence to frame Rimsha has been dismissed (Facebook links found HERE and HERE).

For your convenience I am cross posting Mehwish’s two links at SlantRight 2.0.


A Pakistani gal aged 14 or 15 was targeted for assassination by the Pakistan Taliban about a week ago. The girl’s name is Malala Yousafzai. When Malala was eleven (2009} she was a part of a British documentary exposing the Taliban’s ruthlessness in following the tenets of Mohammed by destroying her school. It was suspected the assassination was due to the unusual boldness she has demonstrated to publicly condemn the Taliban for banning education for women.

Malala was shot in the head and neck but miraculously survived and was flown in critical condition to the UK for professional Medical care. Her attempted assassination has caused an international outcry.

Evidently even the Taliban are publicity conscious of what the West might think of them so today they have called Malala a spy for the USA and thus deserved death.

KARACHI: The outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Tuesday defended the attack on Malala Yousafzai, rejecting that she was an innocent girl and labeling her as a US spy.

The central spokesman of TTP, Ahsanullah Ahsan, in a detailed statement issued to the media said Malala's date of birth is July 1997 which makes her 15 years four months old today. "Even if no sign of puberty becomes noticeable, this age of the girl marks the end of pre-puberty phase."

The statement said: "In Islam and Pakhtun traditions there is absolutely no room for an attack on a woman of pure virtues. But in cases where a woman is seen as a clear sinner who stands in defiance of Shariah, such a woman is not only allowed to be attacked but there is an obligatory instruction for such an action."

The TTP spokesman said, Malala Yousafzai was 'a spy who divulged secrets of Mujahidden and Taliban through BBC and in return received awards and rewards from the Zionists'.

"She not only spied against Mujahideen but also created propaganda against them. The Gul Makai diary is an embodiment of anti-Taliban views," he continued.

"She has received the punishment for her sin."

The spokesman further said that Malala was brought before the media under a pre-planned strategy so that she could pollute the minds of the youth against the Taliban.

"The other reason for the attack on Malala was her activism aimed at sparking a feud within the Islamic society of Pakhtuns."

He clarified that she was not attacked for her pursuit of education. "Had it been for education, then there are scores of girls who go out to school (they would have been attacked too)."

"Taliban executed the attack on an adult girl only after she emerged as a pivotal character in the media war against us," the TTP spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan argued. (TTP labels Malala as 'an American spy'; The News; October 16, 2012 - Updated 192 PKT – See Also HERE) 

JRH 10/16/12
Teenage Christian boy booked for blasphemy

11th October, 2012

KARACHI, Oct 10: With the case of Rimsha Masih still grabbing the headlines, another case of blasphemy was reported to police on Wednesday, this time not in a slum but in a middle-class neighbourhood of Gulshan-i-Iqbal, after the house of the accused boy belonging to a religious minority community was ransacked and furniture was set on fire in a violent protest.

The teenage Christian boy has been accused of sending text messages containing ‘blasphemous’ content to his area residents without reading it.

The incident took place in the staff colony of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) located at the junction of University Road and Abul Hasan Ispahani Road.

Police said that the boy was accused by the residents that he had sent text messages containing blasphemous content to the staffers and officers of the SSGC present at the residential-cum-office compound.

As the SMS reportedly circulated among the residents of the colony comprising workers and officers, they eventually attacked the residential quarter of Ryan Stanten, 16, and his mother, Rubina Bryan, on Wednesday, police said. Ms Bryan worked as a superintendent at the SSGC, they added.

The SMS had been sent on Tuesday night.

However, apparently after realising the gravity of the situation the family had abandoned the house, said a senior police officer of the area.

“Had they not left the house, the situation could have been really bad,” the officer observed.

On Wednesday, the enraged people ransacked the house and set fire to the household articles, including the bed, washing machine and fridge, after bringing them out on to the main University Road.

The protesters also raised slogans against the family.

The SMS was passed on by the accused teenager by his own cellphone on Tuesday. After receiving it, some people had gone to the boy asking him about it, he told them that he had forwarded the SMS after receiving it, said DIG (east) Shahid Hayat while speaking to Dawn.

“Ryan told complainant Khursheed Alam and Pesh Imam Qari Ghulam Qadir of the SSGC Jamia Mosque that someone sent him this SMS and he forwarded it to all Muslim friends without reading it,” said the DIG.

The official in charge of the SSGC security, an ex-serviceman, kept handling the situation, the police officer added.

After the mayhem, police reached the scene and tried to appease the protesters assuring them that police would register the case.

“We reached the scene and talked sense to some clerics who were leading the protest,” said a police officer of the area. The violent protest caused a severe traffic jam on Abul Hasan Ispahani Road and University Road.

A case (FIR No 432/2012) under Section 295-C (use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet) of the Pakistan Penal Code, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Section 25 of the Telegraph Act was later registered at the Mobina Town police station.

A duty officer of the police station said the FIR was registered against Ryan Stanten, son of Ms Bryan, a resident of SSGC staff colony on a complaint of SSGC chief manager Khursheed Alam.

‘People scared’

Describing the trend as very dangerous, in which the Christians were also being targeted, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan chief Zohra Yousaf said that people had become very scared.

“At least 22 blasphemy cases have been reported in the country this year alone, in which Muslim accused are more in number compared to the Christians,” said the HRCP chief.

Referring to a Sept 21 incident that took place in Hyderabad, Ms Yousaf said some people had lodged a blasphemy case against a trader who had not closed his shop on the day of protest.

Earlier in August, a 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, had been accused of blasphemy by a cleric in a suburban neighbourhood of Islamabad. She was finally released by a court and had to be airlifted to an undisclosed location for security reasons.
Court grants bail to accused Imam

October 12, 2012

ISLAMABAD - A sessions court of Islamabad on Thursday granted bail to prayer leader Khalid Jadoon, who was accused of adding burnt Holy Quran pages to make the case against 16-year-old Christian girl Rimsha Masih stronger.

The court adjourned hearing of the blasphemy case on Thursday and granted bail to the prayer leader following the submission of a surety bond worth of Rs200,000.

As the court began hearing of the case on Thursday, Jadoon’s lawyer Wajid Gilani argued that all the witnesses against his client have backtracked from their statements and now the police have no evidence of his involvement in the case.

Hence, his client be granted bail. The court ordered police to release the cleric immediately following submission of surety bonds.

Outside the court, family and friends of the prayer leader welcomed the court decision.

The cleric was accused of adding pages from the Holy Quran to t[h]e ashes seized from Rimsha allegedly in an attempt to implicate her and was sent to jail on a 14-day judicial remand by a magistrate.

However, the case turned in favour of the prayer leader following the backtracking of three witnesses who had testified against the cleric. During last hearing of the case, the same District and Sessions Court in Islamabad reserved judgment over a bail plea filed by the prayer leader Khalid Jadoon Chishti, implicated in a blasphemy case against Rimsha, and adjourned hearing until October 11.

As the court on last Wednesday had asked the counsel of Khalid Jadoon, the prayer leader, to wait until Islamabad High Court stay order was over.

Earlier, the three witnesses who had testified against Chishti had withdrawn their statements, insisting that the police had “coerced” them into doing so.

In their affidavits before the court, the witnesses Hafiz Owais, Khurram Shahzad and Danish Ahmed had reneged from their previously-recorded statements, claiming these were recorded under duress.

According to their new affidavits, they did not see prayer leader Chishti desecrating pages from the Holy Quran.

Khalid Chaudhary Advocate told TheNation that, withdrawing of the earlier statements of eyewitnesses who had testified against the prayer leader, may earn Khalid Jadoon post-arrest bail.

This news was published in print paper. Access complete paper of this day.
Does Pakistan Deserve American Bucks and Aid?
John R. Houk
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Teenage Christian boy booked for blasphemy

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Court grants bail to accused Imam

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