Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If I Were Ahmadinejad

Here is some interesting advice for Barack Hussein Obama to win reelection as President of the United States from Leslie J. Sacks.

JRH 10/31/12
If I Were Ahmadinejad

By Leslie J. Sacks
Sent: Oct 26, 2012 at 4:33 PM

The possibilities are fascinating. He may or may not be as rational as many assume, considering his messianic beliefs in the coming of the Madji (the Shi'ite version of the coming of the Christ). However, he certainly is wily, manipulative, devious, and a superb strategist operating amorally with patient political acumen.

BHO extending to Ahmadinejad holding bomb toon

If I were Ahmadinejad, I would offer the White House a deal they could not refuse:

-Iran would agree to cease enriching uranium over 20% concentration.

-The White House would in turn agree to reduce sanctions against Iran.

-The Obama campaign desperately needs a game changer now that the debates and post-debate dialogue seems to be going Romney's way. A deal with the Iranians would be such a revelation and the only proof of success for the White House foreign policy of negotiation and accommodation.

-This political coup could well swing the election back the Democrats.

-After November 6, Obama will have another four years and Ahmadinejad will have reduced sanctions, and increased prestige and power.

After a while Iran will likely revert back to its nefarious activities and sanctions may possibly be reimposed. DespiteIran's deception, Obama would at least, for his part, remain in office and continue implementing his remaking of the world in his image. Ahmadinejad would not have to deal with an implacable Romney, who clearly has campaigned as a formidable obstacle to Iran and their nuclear ambitions. Romney sees nuclear Iran as the preeminent enemy of the USA and Ahmadinejad knows this well, if he knows anything. So in Ahmadinejad's playbook, a preferable Obama is a pushover compared to the Republican ticket.

The State Department has 1460 days and Obamas 4-year term to conclude a deal. It is conceivable that only in the last 14 days of this term the White House will manage to expediently cut a deal. Gaming the system, even for dispassionate observers, is clearly an inescapable conclusion. This deal will, if enacted, become Obama's Watergate just as the seeming cover-up of the Al Qaeda terrorist attack in Benghazi (within Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans murdered) is fast becoming one too. It is tragic that members of both parties so willingly politicize the debate, risking further the security of Israel and the USA in their unstoppable quest for one-upmanship.

So words and pieces of paper can help swing an election.


Leslie J. Sacks


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