Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hector Aleem Update 10/3/12

Hector Aleem
Here is the continued injustice in Pakistan that is actually persecution of Christians. Hector Aleem finally had a lawyer and a judge to participate in a bail hearing. The unexplained result for Hector – DENIED!

This is becoming frustratingly crazy. I wish Mehwish could get a hold of more details as to Hector’s current charges and the reason bail was denied.

My fellow Christians that live in a culture that is free to worship with worry of retribution from Islam, Hector’s plight should engender righteous indignation. Hector’s incarceration has gone on long enough.

Mehwish please send us the address of who to contact who can read English to get some answers pertaining to this egregious persecution of Hector Aleem.

JRH 10/6/12
Hector Aleem Update 10/3/12

Yesterday was Hector Aleem's hearing for bail in High Court, the judge who was in favor of Mr. Hector was not there. The judge was changed and the new judge was not in our favor so he rejected the bail, I don't know on what grounds he rejected the bails but all I know is we have to wait for maybe 3 to 6 more months because the judge from lower court has not arrived yet. I don't know what will be his further step, we have not decided yet. We have not talked to the lawyer about it yet. What will be our further activity? That will be posted here when it is decided. Still I have to pay his previous fee that was $400, brother Shane is paying some amount and sister Susan has already donated, those who can or want please follow the link, (SlantRight Editor: Bold Emphasis Mine)

And for those who want to pay through Western Union please contact me. Again please remember us in your prayers because we have lost all hopes now. Pray for more courage and strong faith. This was our last hope and now the future seems to be very dark. Please pray for us.
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