Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WiFi Symbol on your Credit Card

Are you a potential candidate for being a victim to electronic pick pocketing? Check this out!

JRH 10/30/12 (Hat Tip Vicki
WiFi Symbol on your Credit Card

Viral Chain Email
Sent to me: Oct 21, 2012 at 7:49 PM

EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SEE THIS VIDEO……………….It could  happen to anyone……….

Check your newer credit cards for the Wi-Fi Symbol on it. You need to watch the video below to really know why I sent this to you.

Subject: RFID Credit Cards IMPORTANT

I read this about a couple weeks ago, and then checked my cards for the little "Wi-Fi Signal Icon" on each one. I found none w/that signal on them, but I was determined to watch for it when my cards came in on renewals. Well, yesterday I got my CHASE SLATE card AND THERE IT WAS! My first time to see it. I'll not activate that card after seeing this. I guess I'll go to the bank and see if I can replace it w/a non Wi-Fi (Radio Frequency Card)...?

Thought all my contacts ought to see this if you've not already seen this!

Click on link below:

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