Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama Administration, Democrats and Pigford Fraud

Pigford ATM
John R. Houk
© October 30, 2012

When Barack Hussein Obama was a Senator he set up a BILLION (with a B) dollar scam in which he enabled thousands of African-Americans to bilk the U.S. treasury of billions of dollars when originally only 400 Black farmers won a civil suit that has been labeled the Pigford Incident.

Timothy Pigford filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of farmers that were discriminated against due to their color in receiving Ag benefits that White farmers received. The Black Farmers won via a settlement with the Department of Agriculture. Essentially Black Farmers would receive $50,000 to recoup money lost via discrimination.

Sounds fair, right?

This became a scandal when Congress passed a law to extend $50,000 payment to any African-American that intended to be a farmer even though they may not have had any farming experience. The scandal went from legitimate distribution to fraudulent distribution to the tune of billions of dollars.

A Black Farmer by the name of Eddie Slaughter became a whistleblower exposing the fraud to Congress. Hoax undoubted was perpetuated by Attorney General Eric Holder and his boss President Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright was big into Black Liberation Theology (BLT) which is basically Black racism against White people.

Many Conservatives unfortunately have gone out on a limb to accuse Obama of sponsoring the legislation as a Senator and signing the hoax into law as the President. Other than signing the law however, there is no factual direct link to Obama sponsoring the legislation. Left Wing Fact Checking organizations like Fact Check (Annenberg Foundation), Snopes (Snopes bias) and Media Matters (Media Matters bias) go out of their way to exonerate Obama using the Senate history facts. But do remember the law was signed by Obama and the President is doing nothing to dissuade legislative extensions on free taxpayer cash to other minorities just because they write on paper they intended to be a farmer.

So whether Obama was directly involved in bilking billions of dollars to benefit Black people and other minorities (the real racism in America) is irrelevant. That which is relevant is Obama knowing allowed the bilking of tax dollars to give to undeserving people – Black or otherwise.

I have found a video in which a cowboy looking dude calling himself Wild Bill places the Pigford fraud directly on the back of Obama. Wild Bill’s smoking gun facts might be obscured yet as I said Obama has done ZERO to hold anyone accountable and he did sign the Bill into law. Also Wild Bill talks about the New Black Panthers benefiting from the scam. That sounds like a bit of a stretch; however do remember that Eric Holder’s Justice Department did absolutely nothing when the New Black Panthers stood outside a polling place in 2010 to intimidate White voters. So I’ll let you do the research if the Pigford Fraud extends to the New Black Panthers.

Laugh at those who may call you a racist for bringing up the truth of Obama’s spread the wealth philosophy. Watch Wild Bill explain.

JRH 10/30/12 (Hat Tip Shirley)
Obama's Pig

Chain Email
Sent: Oct 25, 2012 at 11:44 PM

For those of you who are skeptical of this video, all you have to do is an Internet search for "pigford settlement."

I urge everyone to watch this you tube video and pass it on to everyone who cares.

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