Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who are the Real Republicans in New York State?

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John R. Houk
© May 18, 2011

The New York Times has ran an article exposing (as called by NYT) Right Wing Contributors and Right Wing Republicans that are giving big bucks to the homosexual agenda of lifestyle validation and of same-sex marriage.

Now I am fairly certain the intent of the story is to show GOP hypocrisy in the typical Republican Party platform of standing for family values. In case there is some actual misunderstanding, homosexual values do not equate family values!

And yet, if you read this NYT article the way that Russians had to read the old USSR controlled Tass wire service, you can glean some information that tells you the difference between RINOs, Libertarian Republicans, Tea Party Republicans and Social Values Republicans.

I believe I can be safe in stipulating the Republicans and so-called Right Wing contributors supporting the homosexual agenda are a combination of RINOs and Libertarian Republicans. I would be surprised if any Tea Party Republicans supported the homosexual agenda; however let’s be honest that there are a large amount of Libertarians in the Tea Party Movement that are there because of less government and less unjust taxation. That leaves Social Values Republicans. I believe I can safely say that only an insane Social Values Conservative would favor the homosexual agenda.

Homosexuals that are open about their sexuality in public are creepy. I am willing to guess a large amount of committed heterosexuals that are not even remotely religious or nominal Christians feel that open homosexuality is creepy. Heterosexuals would not hesitate to announce that homosexuality is creepy except for this age of political correctness and a massive pro-homosexual propaganda campaign from homosexual activists, Leftists, MSM, Hollywood and Television bombarding America with the propaganda. There is a use of propaganda that places heterosexuals that find homosexuality is creepy into feelings of shame. Friends this is the kind of transformation that comes from the Barack Obama agenda to undermine traditional Christian values in order for our culture to accept moral relativity which will enable the government to make choices for Americans by influencing voters with smoke and mirrors.

So read that NYT article with discernment and make a value judgment in who you will vote for in 2012 whether it is a local election or the National elections in November 2012.

JRH 5/18/11 (Hat Tip: Solid Snake)

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