Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sarah Palin Slams Obama

Sarah Palin Hunting

Has anyone noticed that President Barack Hussein Obama has taken up the PLO/PA path to deception? On one side of his mouth BHO says a sovereign Palestinian State should exist with contiguous borders and with the pre-Arab invasion borders of 1967. On the other side of BHO’s mouth he tells Americans that will fully support Israel’s existence. Only a moron would believe that both sides of BHO’s mouth are possible.

I know that Sarah Palin has not declared one way or the other for a run for the Office of President; however she has my vote unless she proclaims she is not running in 2012. I found an article that has posted Sarah Palin’s Facebook comments blasting President Barack Hussein Obama for selling out Israel by advocating 1967 borders.

JRH 5/24/11

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