Friday, May 13, 2011

Qaidat al-Jihad’s Near Future

UBL Dead

There is a counter-terrorist NGO dedicated to learning about Islamic terrorism. It goes by the acronym of NEFA Foundation. The inspiration for the acronym is al-Qaeda’s act of war in attacking on American soil targeting primarily civilians. I do the like the full meaning of the acronym for NEFA which is Nine Eleven Finding Answers. I suspect the NGO prefers to be known by its acronym because the term NEFA Foundation has a better air of education than the full wording which has the slight air of perhaps a bit understand the enemy for revenge.

At any rate I am on the email list that sends updates of pdf documents produced to understand the enemy. Below is one of those pdf files that I converted to a Word Document and posted HERE. The document is about al-Qaeda’s superstructure that in NEFA’s opinion demonstrates a bit more centrality than was at first believed. It is an interesting paper.

JRH 5/13/11

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