Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update about Hector Aleem


Hector Aleem still has not received the judicial documentation for his lawyer to challenge a conviction that was unrelated to the blasphemy charge that is still be prosecuted. I understand the blasphemy prosecution is moving on even without the evidence to convict much like the conviction of the bogus charges.

Since the blasphemy trial is still proceeding, Hector Aleem is in desperate need of funds for his lawyer who has stuck with Hector even with death threats. However, I understand the lawyer will not work pro bono in the least probably because of pressure to drop Hector in the Muslim nation continually being influenced by purist Islam which the West has termed radical Islam.

Below is some similar wording you have probably read in the past; however the discreet point is the need for money for the lawyer. The Aleems have pushed the envelope in what they reveal to people outside of Pakistan. Any information that is openly critical of Sharia Law or the Judge adjudicating a capital charge of blasphemy against Islam is a fine line to walk in Pakistan for the Aleems who are Christian Pakistanis.

JRH 5/3/11
Update about Hector Aleem

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Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support. The Aleems have been receiving many notes of encouragement, and they’re grateful for your petitions, letters, and donations.


On December 21 of last year, Hector was sentenced to seven years in prison based on another charge. The Aleems understand that you want to see the decision note by the judge, but they have been refused access to this documentation. They believe it is because the decision is a baseless one that contained no proof, and was used as a means to keep Hector in prison for protecting the Christian community. Furthermore, until the family receives that written decision form, they will not be able to file an appeal in a higher court.

In addition, the blasphemy case is still ongoing in the courts. Because the charges of blasphemy are baseless in the first place, Hector’s lawyer has applied to quash (discharge) it. As such, the court is legally obligated to hold on the trial until the application to quash is investigated. Unfortunately, this has not happened: due to pressure from Sunni Tehreek—the accusers—the trial is going on without investigating the veracity of the charges! The trail has reached its final stages, and the lawyers will be presenting final arguments soon.

Please consider donating a few dollars through PayPal. This case is not a popular one in Pakistan, and the representing lawyer receives threats. So the family needs to continue paying the lawyer to help support him, and give him fewer reasons to quit on them. You can donate to PayPal through this link:

Finally, please tell your friends about Hector’s case, and to invite them to this Page:

Below is a Section which will tell You how To Help Hector Aleem

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Free Hector Aleem


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