Monday, May 2, 2011

Father Abraham has Many Sons, Many Sons have Father Abraham

Abraham to Jesus lineage

John R. Houk
© May 2, 2011

A friend on my AC2C social network found a couple of YouTube videos as a response to my post entitled, “Discourse on the Reality of God”.

In the YouTube videos is part 1 and 2 of a sermon by Frank Turek of a five part break down on YouTube. It is entitled, “I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist Show”.

Part 1 and 2 Turek discusses Abraham and faith. Part 1 Abraham’s time life is told when God Almighty instructed Abraham to take the only son by his legitimate wife Sarah to be sacrificed to God. Thus Abraham embarks on a journey to Mt Moriah with Isaac and a couple of servants.

Just as a side-note Mohammed words recorded in the Quran plagiarizes this moment and has Ishmael on this journey of faith. You can tell it’s plagiarized by the fact that Isaac was a young teenager by this time and Ishmael had long been banished from Abraham’s tribal family along with Ishmael’s mother the Egyptian handmaid to Sarah which was Hagar.

In case you have not read your Bible in awhile, just as Abraham was to kill Isaac in sacrifice, God Almighty spoke up audibly telling Abraham to hold up. Abraham had proven his undying faith and because of this all the nations of the world would be blessed in Abraham through the son of promise Isaac’s descendants. Christians know those descendants as those that led to Jesus’ birth. By faith in Jesus’ death on the Cross and the Lord’s bodily Resurrection to life and re-glorification of His entire Godly attributes all who believe will have life in Christ in this walk on earth and in the future; the full redemption of spirit, soul (mind attributes) and body (which is clothed in glory rather than man-made clothing). The blessing of Redemption to those who Believe transcends the blessings promised only to the Hebrew Tribes of Israel thus by extension to all humanity who believe.

This transcending beyond the 12 Tribes of Israel is not a replacement. Rather the transcending of blessings is an engrafted adoption into the Tribe of Judah by the Blood of Jesus that mystically joins Believers to the Body of Christ. For clarity’s sake there is no Christian Gentile replacement but rather a joining of Christian Believers to Judah enabling all that Believe to be sons of Abraham and also inheritors of the blessings of Abraham.

JRH 5/2/11

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