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Comment on Dialogue between Adam and John Houk

Joan of Arc. Sir John Gilbert

One final comment from Adam relating the posts: “GOP Nomination for President Part One & Two” that ended with “Women in Position of Authority”.

By the way, at this point Adam and I are pretty close to harmony in agreement.

JRH 5/22/11
Comment on Dialogue between Adam and John Houk
Comment by: Adam Houk
Sent: 5/16/2011 1:59 PM

My conclusion from all the gathering of Scripture and discussion

Do I think women can be in leadership positions effectively?  Answer is yes. 

Do I think women should be in leadership position?  The answer is again yes; however the "yes" is followed by a "but." 

Due to our discussion and what we have dug up in Scripture, I think that yes women should be in leadership but it should also be rarer and more proper to the considerations of the situation and time at hand. 

Here is a plea to all women everywhere.  While leadership is the man’s main position, let’s underline man’s main position is not only to provide and manage the home, it is women's job to nurture and keep the home, again underline only. 

It is my belief that for a stable society that this job of women is a very honorable job and so important that the loss of it causes a propagation of corruption in society.  The rearing of young children is the most influential and most important stage of any person’s life.  Without the proper attention of leading by example, inadequate provisions being made during this time by both man and woman of their proper roles, leads to learning the wrong lessons in life about how God wants us to lead our lives. This is vital to a healthy society, especially in a society so corrupted with heavy attempts to influence the next generation into the wrong direction. 

Ultimately I have one advice for any man out there whose wife, or family relative or friend who has been deceived in this: Like God gave man a choice to choose him or damnation freely, we also must not try and force our will on others.  There is value to be good Godly examples and praying fervently, Jesus will weigh it on a man’s and a woman’s hearts.
In reviewing Adam’s conclusion editing and spell check was utilized. If the editing has changed any original intent of the author, it is the editor’s fault.

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