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Hirsi Ali Writes about MB Strategy of Transformation


John R. Houk
© May 14, 2011

Have you ever heard of Antonio Gramsci? Essentially Gramsci was a Marxist that stuck more to the original Karl Marx dialectical more than the Lenin/Stalin determinism. Gramsci added another wrinkle to Marxist thought that diverged from both Karl Marx and Lenin/Stalin. Gramsci determined that open revolution was not a successful path to transform the thought patterns of the global working class and the global poor. Rather Gramsci felt that the hearts and minds of those who live for gratification even if that gratification was distributed by the rules of the wealthy elite should be gradually won over by the illusion of caring about the gratification of the working class and poor.

So what is the reason for the micro-Gramsci lesson? The Gramsci method is amazingly similar to the Alinsky method. And the Alinsky method is one of the hugest influences on President Barack Hussein Obama’s ideas for American transformation.

There is another nefarious organization that has nothing politically in common with Marxism and yet seems to have studied Gramsci’s methods of infiltration to gain the trust of non-elitist people and yet move up the chain of command of elitist ruling structures.

What is that organization? That organization is the radical Islamic organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood (aka Ikhwan often abbreviated as MB).

Former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali fled her land of birth Somalia because her father was persona non grata to Somalia’s dictator Mohamed Siad Barre. From Somalia she moved around the Muslim Middle East of which one stop was Saudi Arabia. Ayaan’s family ultimately settled in Kenya. Somewhere between leaving Kenya and facing an arranged Muslim marriage in Canada she landed in Netherlands. She became a citizen and an actual Parliamentarian PM. In her apostasy from Islam she joined Theo Van Gogh (a descendant of legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh) to make the film Submission about female oppression in Islam. Both Theo and Hirsi Ali received death threats from Muslims about the expos√© of Islam. For Theo Van Gogh the death threat became a reality – he was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam with a letter written blood directing the same death would await Hirsi Ali.

At this point the PM Hirsi Ali came under guard from Dutch authorities. Hirsi Ali’s spirited condemnation of the Van Gogh murder in the name of Islam evidently irked the Muslims of Netherlands to the point that Hirsi Ali resigned her PM position which shortly followed by the Netherlands stripping her of her Dutch citizenship in an act of dhimmitude to resident Muslims in the Netherlands. I know Hirsi Ali came to America but as of 2011 I have had a difficult time with search engines if she is still here. Wherever she is living (America or Netherlands) she still needs to lay low to avoid an assassination attempt from a psycho Muslim. There has been a bit of a row because Hirsi Ali lied about her name when she arrived to the Netherlands that at one time had given her citizenship status (stripped and renewed). Evident Ayaan Hirsi Ali was originally Ayaan Ali Magan. For someone fleeing oppressive Islam it understandable as to the reason she changed her name. And yet Muslim apologists and Muslims who abhor Hirsi Ali’s apostasy are crawling out of the woodwork to call her a liar and therefore an unbelievable person.

I say those accusers are the kind of morons that Hirsi Ali fled from in the first place!

At any rate thanks to the Jewish World Review I found a Hirsi Ali article on the Muslim Brotherhood in which she explains that organization is a greater threat to Western Society than actively violent terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. Read that Jewish World Review posting of Hirsi Ali’s article, “Will Muslim Brotherhood succeed where Osama bin Laden failed?” She does not allude to my thoughts about Gramsci Marxism; however the Muslim Brotherhood tactics she illustrates sounds allot like the Gramsci method to transform a nation or a culture.

JRH 5/14/11

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