Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Spring Revolution

Arab Revolutions

The various Maghreb and Middle Eastern Arab Springs that have popped have demonstrated an extreme lack of enthusiasm of the citizens’ of those Muslim nations with the political regimes of the moment. Some of the more entrenched dictatorships such as in Libya, Syria and Iran have used ruthless violence to scare citizens back into resubmission to the political status quo. So far Iran has been the most successful government using a combination of theopolitics and military might to shoot demonstrators and round-up opposition leaders who undoubtedly will be eventually executed.

Ari Bussel writes about these protests against the status quo of statecraft which quite possibly could evolve into such instability that a strong Iran will take advantage and institute a domino effect of conquest in the Middle East that could lead even to the acquisition of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. An interesting thought is Bussel believe Turkey’s resurgent nationalism and Islamist direction will be too weak to divert the following of dominoes began by Iran.

Bussel wraps all the gloom and doom as the threat that could exterminate Israel’s existence and in my opinion loom the 21st century Holocaust.

JRH 5/1/11

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