Saturday, May 7, 2011

PA and Hamas Kiss and Make Up

PATV (Fatah) map of Palestine

John R. Houk
© May 7, 2011

Does anyone wonder how it can be good for Israel’s existence that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have agreed to a unity government to be resolved by elections in 2012? I mean Hamas is very honest that the destruction of Israel is its goal. Only the ignorant would believe the PA propaganda (i.e.  The PLO and Fatah) that it no longer has the goal to destroy Israel. It is as if the “Zionist Entity” is not Israel, right? If you believe that I have some plush property to sell you at an old nuclear weapon test site in the Nevada Desert that might be rich in uranium.

The PLO and the PA is essentially the same thing except the Western world recognizes the PA as the representative of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. The PA is essentially the master of propaganda telling lies as if they are truth. Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood connected Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. As the PA is the master of deception, Hamas uses honesty and demands Israel’s destruction as well as establishing hatred toward all Jews. In essence Hamas makes no bones about a 21st century Jewish Holocaust if given the opportunity.

And here we are today, and the so-called Quart with the agenda of creating a sovereign Palestinian nation at the cost of Israel’s historical heritage, we see that the deceitful haters of Israel has agreed to provide a unity political entity with the truthful haters of Israel forming a unified front to make a Palestinian State in 2011.

Hmm … I am thinking Obama portion of the Quartet is pulling strings that will force Israel to accept the existence of a created Palestinian State that has the goal to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. What do you think?

JRH 5/7/11 (Hat Tip: Prophecy Update)

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