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CAIR: “We Are First Defenders Offenders Of The Constitution”

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It seems like forever since I have posted anything from Andrew Whitehead who was the first American able to throw a monkey wrench in Lawfare (Legal Jihad) methods of a Muslim-American group utilizing civil law to bury a critic and intimidate Free Speech. Whitehead was attacked legally by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for fingering that organization to ties with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. After 9/11 that was a truth CAIR has been interested in obfuscating this fact. Whitehead won via a confidential settlement in which Whitehead did not have to retract one thing he was being sued for.

Whitehead’s Anti-CAIR website is continuing its expose of CAIR and below is a recent email update that was received.

JRH 1/7/10
CAIR: “We Are First Defenders Offenders Of The Constitution

By Andrew Whitehead
Sent: 01/05/2011 11:47 PM

On December 23, Ibrahim Hooper, Communications Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was interviewed on Press TV.  Press TV is an English language TV station controlled by the Iranian government through Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Hooper complained about law enforcement authorities training programs and went on to say: "I’m talking about twenty-five percent to 1/3 of Americans having an active hostility toward Islam and Muslims."
What are the facts regarding “anti-Muslim bias” in America?  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) (2009) the following “hate crime” percentages are reported:

Year                             Religious Group

2009             Islam  9.3%                   Jewish  70.1%   
2008             Islam  7.7%                   Jewish  65.7%  
2007             Islam  9.0                      Jewish  68.4   

The numbers of “victims” of anti-Muslim “hate crimes” is fairly unchanged from 2007 – 2009.  The largest group is, unsurprisingly, Jewish.  Although Jews are victims of “hate crimes” far more often than Muslims, we do not see any mainstream Jewish groups giving interviews for TV stations controlled by governments that are state sponsors of terrorism. Nor do we see Jewish groups railing against Law Enforcement or the American people for harboring an anti-Jewish sentiment or bias.
Is CAIR defending our Constitution when so many “Anti-Muslim hate crimes” CAIR pushes are revealed to be committed by Muslims or fabricated in an attempt to either cover up criminal activity or to falsely demonstrate that Islam and Muslims are under "attack" in the United States?
In the interview, Hooper's claim that “We are first defenders of the Constitution” is a pathetic joke and Hooper knows it. Consider CAIR-San Fransico's Director Zahra Billoo proudly claiming to be a "Muslim Anarchist" on her Twitter page and it can be fairly put to rest that any CAIR official has even a modicum of respect for the U.S. Constitution.
CAIR is either at the throat of law enforcement officials or kissing their feet, depending on the mood du jour at CAIR headquarters. This is a confusion ploy and it can work very well. The threat of being branded an "Islamophobe" can make some people turn away from the facts. FOX's Bill O’Reilly even considered CAIR-Chicago supremacist Ahmed Rehab a “stand up guy” and long ago gave up any idea of investigating CAIR or CAIR’s connections to Islamist terrorists.
CAIR often defensively whines over the violent actions of common street thugs and Islamic militants who have plotted, committed, or openly declared violent jihad against us. Hooper has the nerve to make the outrageous claim that 1/3 of Americans have an "active hostility" toward Muslims yet CAIR is demonstratively apathetic that 10-15% of One Billion Muslims actively support militant Jihadists.
In New York City, CAIR pushed authorities to levy “hate crime” charges against two men involved in a 3AM brawl with “Imam” Rod Peterson.  This “Imam” or “religious leader” has a record of arrests for burglary, robbery, and illegal gun possession. Why is it that Muslim “religious leaders” CAIR shills for seem to have rap sheets or a history of taking part in odious crimes?  One man involved in the brawl was completely cleared of any wrongdoing and the other had charges reduced to misdemeanors. Once again, CAIR failed to add another statistic in its miserable campaign to claim that Americans hate Muslims.  Despite CAIR’s tireless efforts to create discord, in 2009 CAIR could only squeak out 11 “hate crimes” against Muslims in New York City.  The Jews?  Once again, they lead the pack in the Big Apple with over 250.  Perhaps it's safer to be a Muslim in New York than a Jew?
The only thing that keeps civil people from pointing at CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper in public and exposing his obvious character flaws and outright lying nature is the fact that he calls himself a Muslim.  If Hooper weren’t claiming to be Muslim, he’d have been labeled just another has-been kook representing a supremacist fringe group that has pretensions of greatness based on religious bigotry. 
Knowledge is power. CAIR works hard to hide the facts of radical Islam from ordinary Americans.  If the majority of Americans ever wake up to the truth of CAIR, we can be sure that the call for CAIR’s removal from our shores would ring so loud that every local, state, and national law enforcement agency would be forced to act.
The large majority of Muslims in America and around the world know that fascist, political Islam is not compatible with our Constitution and it never will be. This is what attracts many to our shores. They know that fanatical religious police cannot bother them here, that accusations of blasphemy will not result in stoning, or that their body parts cannot be cut off for theft, real or imagined. They are Free.
CAIR and Hooper have breathlessly pushed the lie of "Islamophobia" and continuously fail to prove it actually exists. Where CAIR finds "Islamophobia", the reality is often nothing more than Americans showing concern for radical Islamist groups involving themselves in endeavors that are designed to weaken our Constitution or promote the ideals of Islamist supremacy. Hooper can thank himself, his organization, and his fellow travelers for any “misunderstandings” Americans have regarding Islam.

Andrew Whitehead
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