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The Loughner, Klonsky, Ayers and Obama Connection

Mike Klonsky 2007
John R. Houk
© January 17, 2011

A friend of mine directed me to an anti-MSM website that redistributed some information from WorldNetDaily about Jared Loughner’s High School education. According to the post, Loughner’s education was under the auspices of Small Schools Workshop (SSW) which received grant money from Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) as well as the James Foundation and the Woods Fund of Chicago.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s violent terrorist friend Bill Ayers was or is on the Board of Directors of the CAC at the time the Grant was awarded to SSW. AND BHO was on the Board of Directors of all three Marxist oriented (For all the Leftists out there, note I did not say Marxist organizations) Community activist organizations.

The SSW founder is a chap by the name of Mike Klonsky. Klonsky and Ayers were pal Communist revolutionaries in their younger days as part of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The SDS kind of splintered up, but before the splinter Klonsky was a past Chairman. Ayers went on to be a violent Communist revolutionary with the Weather Underground and Klonsky remained a revolutionary promoting revolution through activism and the written word by founding the October League. The October League seemed to idolize Mao Zedong but called for an old fashion Marxist/Leninist restructuring of American Society. (Jeff Dunetz, 5/10/10).

In case you are unaware, both the Leninist/Stalinist USSR and Maoist Communist China were perpetrators of the worst genocides in a short period of time in world history. Those two Communist regimes made Hitler’s Holocaust seem like picnic genocide in comparison and Hitler’s regime murdered 12 MILLION people of which half were Jews.

Klonsky and Ayers dreamed of this kind of Communist transformation for America. President Obama has had close encounters on a personal level with both Ayers and Klonsky. It is pure speculation, but only an idiot would think Obama’s 2008 campaign for “Change” was not influenced by Ayers/Klonsky dreams for transforming American society.

Jared Loughner went to High School in Arizona under the Klonsky SSW education system. Loughner is responsible for the Tucson Massacre that began as an assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The massacre resulted in six deaths of men, women and child. The Left ludicrously pinned the blame on vocally devoted members of the Tea Party Movement and Sarah Palin. The Left was ludicrous because in their own election campaigns and in their own protest activism they used actual epithets of death expectation toward those the Left is deranged about. The Right merely used typical campaigning that included metaphors for battling. In America voting cycles are battles. My fellow Right Wingers correctly pointed out that Loughner was probably more affected toward violence devolved into a nutcase that enjoyed reading material from – GASP – the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf.

The “GASP” is not due to surprise that Loughner was a Socialist/Marxist nutcase. The “GASP” is because of probable indoctrination of Jared Loughner who attended Small Schools Workshop in Arizona.
Bernardine Dohrn & Mike Klonsky 1969

JRH 1/17/11 (Hat Tip: Solid Snake)

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