Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bumper Sticker vs. Islamic Supremacism

Sharia- USA no-want no-need
John R. Houk
© January 1, 2011

Other than the negative connotation of the term “Islamic Supremacism,” does anyone non-Muslim (we the kafir) know and understand what Islamic Supremacism entails?

Here is a simplified expression Islamic Supremacism:

ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM is the belief that Islam is superior to other religions, cultures, and governmental systems, and the belief that Islam's superiority entitles Muslims to dominate, control, and rule non-Muslims.
Islam is a supremacist religion. The Hadith and Qur'an command every Muslim to strive until Islam dominates all other religions. The Qur'an says very clearly that the only legitimate form of government is Allah's. …  (Soda Head; Whats Her Face; Islamic Supremacism)

Michael Anderson writing for the Facebook page 1683 AD provides some interesting thoughts to bring the words “Islamic Supremacism” to the attention of the everyday Westerner as they go about their day. The thought is to utilize the power of the Bumper Sticker.

1683 AD is all about Westerners reclaiming their Western heritage that roughly stretches from Ancient Greece, Judeo-Christianity and modern thoughts on Liberty and Freedom. I say “reclaim” because there is a serious challenge to Liberty and Freedom from Islamic Supremacism. I use the identification of “Westerner” because 1683 AD has a greater emphasis on Europe and more specifically the United Kingdom.

I actually find the Bumper Sticker concept quite intriguing. Using a Bumper Sticker to bring to the fore that Islamic Supremacism is an anti-Western plague that could end our lives as we know it would be an attention getter. Anderson believes the greatest negative aspect of the Bumper Sticker is the defacing of vehicles by Islamic Supremacists or perhaps Leftist Multiculturalists. Anderson has some interesting ideas to limit vandalism.

However, I believe the greatest negative aspect to the anti-Islamic Supremacist Bumper Sticker – especially in Europe – is criminal prosecution, fines or both. The most recent example of the lunacy of European hate-speech laws that I have discovered is that of an Austrian man yodeling while he mows his lawn because he got to listen to the call for Muslim prayer. The yodeler was fined a chunk of money because the Muslim neighbors were upset about being mocked as if the eerie Muezzin call to prayer five times a day in a land with a Christian heritage is not offensive.

The Bumper Sticker is an intriguing idea but I think it would be most successful in America. If the British or Europeans utilize a Bumper Stick protest they should be aware it would be an act of civil disobedience that might result in some kind Free Speech infringement resulting in a fine or incarceration.

JRH 1/1/11

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