Friday, January 7, 2011

Taseer Assassination Sign of Unrestrained Sharia

Salman Taseer - Punjab Guv
John R. Houk
© January 7, 2011

The Aleems are beginning to feel the pressure of being hunted Christians in the Muslim State of Pakistan. You can feel the anguish and despair from Mehwish Aleem who sent out a plea to the members of the Facebook Cause members of Free Hector Aleem.

Mehwish writes about the assassination of a Muslim Governor by his own “elite” security guard. The governor’s name is Salman Taseer. According to Mehwish, Taseer was the governor of the largest province in Pakistan. Mehwish notes that Taseer had been the most supportive Muslim leader trying to prevent the execution of the Pakistan Christian gal Asia Bibi. Bibi’s blasphemy charge was insulting Islam by drawing water from a Muslim well. Hector and Asia’s plight as persecuted Christians in Pakistan is one of the best examples that Islamic Sharia Law is absolutely intolerant of simple instances of Free Speech and Religious Freedom. I find it unbelievable that a number of European nations (like the United Kingdom) have allowed the incorporation of Sharia Law in the name of Multicultural Diversity. Thank God Americans are beginning to realize the absurdity of Sharia Law in this great land of Liberty. The voters of Oklahoma overwhelming passed legislation part of which is aimed to prevent any toehold of Sharia Law; unfortunately a moronic Federal Judge has suspended the implication of a law that nearly 2/3 of the voting citizens passed.

JRH 1/7/11
Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard, please pray for Hector Aleem

Sent to: Members in Free Hector Aleem
Sent: Jan 5, 2011 at 7:09 AM
Bulletin from the cause: Free Hector Aleem
Sent by Mehwish Yaqoob Aleem
Post by Mehwish Aleem

Dear Group members

Today the Governor of Punjab was shot dead by his own security guard. The guard belonged to an Elite Force, The Elite Force is a special force assigned for the safety of people. As he was the Governor of the biggest province of Pakistan and obviously a special person the Elite Force was assigned to guard him, but the security guard shot him with 27 bullets and Salman died.

Salman Taseer was the same person who was struggling for Asia Bibi's release. This is Pakistan. If the Governor isn't safe here then a normal person cannot be. Elite Force is the same force who is assigned to bring daddy from jail to court and this is the so-called security for daddy.

How can I think that my father is safe in the hands of Islamists and extremists? The government cannot save their own Governor then how can a normal Human Rights Activist survive here? Do you think it is justice? The killer of Salman is very proud of killing him and he was smiling at the time of his arrest.

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri - Pak Assassin
[The face of an Islamic assassin]

The Islamists and extremists are happy and they are giving sweets to each other because they think that it’s a good thing. What kind of people are they? They are happy on someone’s death? Salman was continuously saying in his statements that he was receiving threats but nobody paid any attention. In the same way I am telling everybody again and again that our and my daddy's lives are in danger, but I think people will [only] believe [our pleas] when some proud Muslim will be more proud after killing us. TIME TO THINK but I know it’s only another update or mail for you which will be deleted without reading.


Call to Action
Taseer Assassination Sign of Unrestrained Sharia
John R. Houk
© January 7, 2011
Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard, please pray for Hector Aleem

Mehwish’s words were edited for clarity. Words or phrases in brackets were added and not a part of the original text.

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