Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ehud Barack and Jerusalem

Millennial Jerusalem
John R. Houk
© January 23, 2011

I should have paid more attention about what is happening in Israel. Ehud Barack is the Minister of Defense in the Israeli government. He acquired that position as a representative of the Labor Party. Just like it sounds, the Labor Party is a version of mainstream Leftist thinking in Israel. Labor Party’s position on Israeli sovereignty of Jerusalem is to split the city giving away part of the Jewish heritage to a sovereign Palestinian State. The part of Jerusalem that Leftists are agreeing to give up and that Palestinian terrorists are demanding is the Eastern half. The East Jerusalem of the Jordanian occupation is known as the Old City because this is the part of the city that Jews from the days of King David had established it as the Jewish capital city and David’s son Solomon built the first Jewish Temple. The Old City Jerusalem is also contains the part that was known for centuries as the Jewish Quarter until occupying Jordan conquered the Eastern half, gave Jews the boot, desecrated ancient Jewish Synagogues and forbade Jews from visiting the Western Wall of the last destroyed Temple that was refurbished by Herod the Great.

This is what I missed: Ehud Barack has abandoned the Labor Party to form his own political Party to remain within the coalition headed by the Likkud Party’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The good news about Barak’s split with Labor: This will strengthen the Right Wing government headed by Netanyahu.

The bad news: Ehud Barak remains committed to splitting Israel in half and giving away the kitchen sink to Arabs that unrighteously call themselves Palestinians including Jerusalem.

JRH 1/23/11

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