Thursday, January 27, 2011

Klingenschmitt on David Pakman Show talking about Homosexuality

John R. Houk
© January 27, 2011

Gordon Klingenschmitt speaks the truth: homosexuality is a sin. Klingenschmitt was a Naval Chaplain that received the boot from the Navy. The boot was not because he was a homosexual and DADT mandated his discharge. NO! Klingenschmitt was ejected from the Navy for praying “in Jesus’ Name”!

The video from the David Pakman show tells listeners that homosexuality can be exorcised. Needless to say, this drove homosexuals into apoplectic spasms of hate. Check out this quote from Pray in Jesus Name Project e-newsletter (1/24/11) put out by Gordon Klingenschmitt:

 Chaplain Klingenschmitt appeared on the liberal David Pakman show this week, and explained from scripture to a nationally-syndicated audience how the sin of homosexuality can be forgiven and cured through faith in Jesus Christ.  Sharing his personal experience of how to cure homosexual lust through the ministry of exorcism, the video went viral in 3 days with over 11,000 web-sites (mostly by the hate-filled homosexual community) now watching the Chaplain's interview with amazement, disgust, and a few death threats thrown in.  For example in the YouTube viewer comments section, orangeluva56 says "F***ing Idiot.  I wish this Fat F*** was executed." and AdamKW69 says "Whack job. He either is one, or needs one, real bad."  If you support Chaps, please leave nice comments defending his Christian faith.

JRH 1/27/11

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