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Overcome the Leftist Pursuit of Crisis Creation

Leftist Media Lying
John R. Houk
© January 11, 2011

A huge tragedy happened on the American scene when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was part of an assassination attempt that killed others including a Judge and a nine year old gal but left the Representative in critical condition. One would think the incident would form one of those rare unified moments in America as when everyone was on the same page on 9/11 (at least momentarily). Unfortunately this is not what happened.

Leftist talking heads and bloggers immediately blamed the Tea Party Movement and unsurprisingly Sarah Palin. Evidently Leftist hatred spurred by popular voting to remove the Democrats from power in the House and slimming down the gap of the Dem majority in the Senate, has led to a propaganda moment that Leftists could not resist.

Leftist propaganda strategy is to twist military and target practice terminology utilized by the Tea Party and Palin as a reason for Jared Loughner’s inability to internally resist putting into action the shooting of Rep. Giffords. After all, it is true Rep. Giffords barely retained her seat from opposing Tea Party Republican candidate Jesse Kelly which had a lot of support from Sarah Palin as well. Giffords won by a mere 2% of the vote over Kelly. Kelly was a pro-gun Iraq war veteran that probably lost because of a M16 target shooting spree. The M16 incident was projected by Leftist propaganda as the actions of a Right Wing Nut which was framed as the actual target practice of incumbent candidate Giffords. Kelly’s pro-gun humor as an election antic for supporters became fodder for anti-gun skilled polemicists of the Left. This undoubtedly cost Kelly the victory in Arizona District 8. Left Wing polemicists and an amazing amount of Center-Right polemicists hopped on the band wagon of blame, to point fingers at Kelly’s M16 event and Palin’s cross hairs scope as reasons for Loughner’s shooting spree.

This blood pointing toward Conservative Tea Partiers is the height of hypocrisy as if Democrats never utilize military terminology in campaign strategy. When one thinks of Leftists one should think of the failed transformative ideology of Socialist Marxism. A good Leftist idea for society is to transform it. Transformation means killing people that might not agree with Marxism or Socialism; hence the genocides of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. (No, Hitler was not a Right Winger: NAZI stood for political National Socialism and not practicing Free Speech, Religious Freedom or Market Economies.) Apparently some Dem Party strategists (oh my, a military term) quickly thought up the Rahm Emanuel axiom of never letting a good crisis to be wasted. A “blame the Tea Party” mantra was quickly established by the Democratic Party. In campaigning, it is a truism in elections that utilize military or violent terminology is something used on both the Left and Right as symbolic metaphors. Obviously the Right will use gun metaphors because they tend to be pro-Second Amendment; however I am guessing the Left utilizes an obfuscating version of weaponry to drive a point home.

Here is a blip from dt:

You’d think the right, and the Tea Party in particular, would pause to consider that the intimations and subtle endorsements of violent revolution might be misguided. But the founder of the Tea Party, Judson Phillips, has a different idea: Blame it on the left.

Of the shooting, Phillips wrote, “The left is coming and will hit us hard on this. We need to push back harder with the simple truth. The shooter was a liberal lunatic. Emphasis on both words.”

What’s even more mindboggling than his attempt to shift blame is that Phillips—even now—persists with the metaphors of violence. In the Tea Party worldview, the left’s critique is an attack, something that warrants counter-attack—it’s all a matter of transgressing battle lines.

Did you catch “violent revolution”? Does anyone know the paradigm in Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist global transformation? How Right Wing is it for Judson Phillips to claim correctly that assassin Jared Loughner was a “liberal lunatic”? I mean the young killer idolized Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto! The Left has attempted to paint a picture of Loughner as a Right Winger by placing Hitler and Marx in as an afterthought. If there is any Right Wing in Loughner it is of the fringe kind. For the Left all people on the Right are near to Skin Heads and for the violent overthrow of American by Militias. Dear God in Heaven a former High School acquaintance said of Loughner: “As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal and oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy”. Loughner is indeed a Leftist loon.

Leftist Michael J.W. Stickings writes:

Perhaps this will be a turning point, a tipping point. Perhaps now the media and others will start paying attention to the rhetoric of violence that animates American conservatism today. You don't have to go far to find it. Just listen to the Tea Party, to Beck, to Palin. They need to be held accountable.

I wonder if America’s Leftists should wish quid pro quo accountability for deceiving Americans into voting for Presidential candidate that has this list of American haters some of which call for the overthrow of America:

“We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build the new society.”

The quotes above were scanned directly from a now long-forgotten book entitled Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, which was written and published in 1974 by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and other members of the Weather Underground. In this slim volume, which functioned as the Weather Underground's ideological manifesto, Ayers declares himself to be a communist, and announces that his group's bombing campaign was intended to start a violent revolution to overthrow the American government.

In the Alinsky model, “organizing” is a euphemism for “revolution” – a wholesale revolution whose ultimate objective is the systematic acquisition of power by a purportedly oppressed segment of the population, and the radical transformation of America’s social and economic structure. The goal is to foment enough public discontent, moral confusion, and outright chaos to spark the social upheaval that Marx, Engels and Lenin predicted – a revolution whose foot soldiers view the status quo as fatally flawed and wholly unworthy of salvation. Thus, the theory goes, the people will settle for nothing less than the status quo’s complete collapse – to be followed by the erection of an entirely new system upon its ruins. Toward that end, they will be apt to follow the lead of charismatic radical organizers who project an aura of confidence and vision, and who profess to clearly what types of societal “changes” are needed.

This view is entirely consistent with Rev. Wright's devotion to the tenets of liberation theology, which is essentially Marxism dressed up as Christianity. Devised by Cold War-era theologians, it teaches that the gospels of Jesus can be understood only as calls for social activism, class struggle, and revolution aimed at overturning the existing capitalist order and installing, in its stead, a socialist utopia where today's poor will unseat their "oppressors" and become liberated from their material (and, consequently, their spiritual) deprivations. An extension of this paradigm is black liberation theology, which seeks to foment a similar Marxist revolutionary fervor founded on racial rather than class solidarity. Wright's mentor in this discipline is James Cone, author of the landmark text Black Power and Black Theology. Arguing that Christianity has been used by white society as an opiate of the (black) masses, Cone asserts that the destitute "are made and kept poor by the rich and powerful few," and that "[n]o one can be a follower of Jesus Christ without a political commitment that expresses one's solidarity with victims."

According to Schlussel, “… a former Obama insider says that Obama’s sudden aversion to NOI and Farrakhan is belied by the fact that Obama employed and continues to employ several Farrakhan acolytes in high positions on his Illinois and U.S. Senate campaign and office staffs.”

One of those NOI members is Cynthia K. Miller, who served as Treasurer of his Senate campaign. Another NOI member is Jennifer Mason who currently serves as Obama’s Director of Constituent Services and who oversees the hiring of interns for Obama.

Sen. Obama’s pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright has been in the news recently over his anti-Israel statements and his recent awarding of a lifetime achievement award to his friend, Louis Farrakhan. The racist head of the Nation of Islam has referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion” and said that whites are only “potential” humans.

Pfleger's views on race were shaped, in large measure, by black radicalism in the 1960s. "I got very educated by the [Black] Panthers -- very educated," Pfleger once told Trumpet magazine, a publication of Rev. Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ.

Pfleger is also a
great admirer of Louis Farrakhan: "I've known the minister [Farrakhan] both as someone who I have great respect for as a prophetic voice, as a mentor but also as a friend and as a brother," said Pfleger.

More on Pfleger from Michelle Malkin:

Pfleger (who is white) grabbed the spotlight during the 2008 presidential campaign with jive-talking defenses of his fellow race-hustler and President Obama’s spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah “‘God Damn America!’ and ‘AmeriKKKa!’” Wright, and Jew-bashing hate-monger Louis “Judaism Is a ‘Gutter Religion’” Farrakhan. The racial-justice award winner called the latter a “great man” and welcomed him to his church.

There are more Obamanites that want to transform America away from the land of the free and home of the brave and who desire the pursuit of happiness, but I think you get the point. The kind of change these fellows want would stir a chaos in America that would lead to innumerable deaths of Americans. Where was the outrage of Leftist pundits, politicians and cowardly establishment Conservatives in 2008?

My God! Just think if Rep. Giffords was a Black-American or a Hispanic-American? Not only would the Tea Party Movement and Sarah Palin be blamed for the murder of six and attempted assassination of Giffords, the entire Conservative Movement from fiscal, 2nd Amendment, 10th Amendment and social Conservatives would be labeled as the promulgators of violence; ergo all things that are Conservative values must be suppressed to continue the Leftist vision of a Living Constitution that evolves with the temperament of the environment of NOW. Whatever that Leftist “NOW” is.

My fellow Conservatives here is a militant euphemism for you: Rise up and out-shout the Leftist propagandists to show that most American prefer Judeo-Christian Conservative values over the Leftist pursuit to never let a good crisis go to waste.

JRH 1/11/11

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