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Newbill Emails 12-29-10 to 1-3-11

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From Tony Bill
Posted and Edited by John R. Houk
January 5, 2011

Tony Newbill writes on an international currency conspiracy, the Federal Reserve and culminating with some short thoughts on Islamic terrorism.

JRH 1/5/11
Currency Markets and Heading for Safe Haven before the Collapse of the Euro Zone
Sent 12/29/10

This is a sign of a final carry trade of liquidity flowing out of the currency markets and heading for safe haven before the collapse of the Euro Zone and the Zero Interest rate Policy ends. This will expose the dollar and its unstable liabilities further pressuring a rejection from the BRIC/OPEC Alliance as World Trade currency. This will further the divide between the EU and the USA as BRIC/OPEC nations move in to secure the EU as the supplier of the regions Vital Needs. Like a Spider places a web to capture its prey so goes the EU. The next Question is do We the People have the guts to stand up and demand to Maintain Our Independence in the face of this Isolation of world markets when the rejection of the dollars comes by the BRIC/OPEC alliance???

This is why the Federal Reserve has become Obsolete and the failure of the Zero Interest rate Policy is Proof. They, along with the Western Central banking, firms are powerless against the betrayal of the BRIC/OPEC alliance now that they have become one. BRIC/OPEC has the force to push for the change to their Intrinsic durable resource supply valued in what they choose as the preferred currency of choice. This is as nasty as it gets in the realm of the game of leveraged assets and ultimate Power and Greed and who is so complacent with the idea that this could never happen. It’s always about the vital resource supply and who has it and who is busy with their Vanity and who is Busy focusing on Leverage.

Posted: 28 Dec 2010 11:20 PM PST

In the last two weeks, the Swiss Franc rose to record highs against not one, but two major currencies: the US Dollar and the Euro. The Franc is now entrenched well above parity against the former, and is closing in on the magical level of 1:1 against the latter. With market uncertainty projected to run well into 2011, continued strength in the Franc is all but assured.

The Franc’s rise is due entirely to its being perceived as a safe haven currency. Its debt levels are comparable to other industrialized countries, its economy is in mediocre shape, and interest rates are the lowest in the entire world (the overnight lending rate is a paltry .1%). Some analysts have cited the “strong Swiss economic outlook” and “the health of Swiss public finances” as two factors buttressing its strength but make no mistake: if not for the tide of risk aversion sweeping through the world’s financial markets, the Franc would hardly be attracting any attention.

As I have reported recently, the Dollar and the Yen have also benefited from the spike of risk aversion caused by renewed concerns over the fiscal health of the EU and the prospect of conflict in Korea. Perhaps owning to nothing more than proximity, the Franc has been the primary beneficiary from EU sovereign debt crisis. “It appears that smart money investors are preemptively bailing funds out of the eurozone with Switzerland providing a safe port to ride out the eurozone sovereign debt storm that appears to loom on the horizon,” summarized one analyst.

Unfortunately, it looks like the situation in the EU can only become serious. Despite a collective move towards fiscal austerity, all of the problem countries are still running budget deficits. As a result, members of the EU are set to issue no less than 500 Billion of new debt in 2011. To make matters worse, “The onslaught of credit warnings and downgrades of sovereign ratings over the past few days added to worries that borrowing costs in many euro zone nations could rise further.” This could trigger a self-fulfilling descent towards default and further buoy the Franc.

As far as I can tell, the notion that, “Despite the Swiss franc’s recent sharp gains, we still believe there is plenty of room for further upside ahead,” seems to encapsulate current market sentiment. According to the most recent Commitment of Traders Report, investors continue to increase their long positions in the Franc. According to Bloomberg News, “Options traders are more bullish on the franc for the next three months than any major currency except the yen.” Meanwhile, a sample of analysts’ forecasts suggests that the Franc could appreciate another 5% over the next six months.

At this point, the main variable [is] the Swiss National Bank (SNB), which could resume intervention on behalf of the Franc. After spending close to 200 Billion to depress the Franc, the SNB accepted the futility of its efforts and formally renounced intervention in June. However, Swiss National Bank President Philipp Hildebrand recently referred to the Franc’s rise as a “burden,” and warned that the SNB “would take the measures necessary to ensure price stability” in the event of “renewed financial market tensions.”

As to whether intervention is likely, analysts remain divided. “The timing [for intervention] would certainly be perfect, with liquidity very thin….pre-holiday markets are ideal for springing a surprise,” said one strategist. According to Morgan Stanley, however, the SNB is “unlikely to intervene in the near term to stem the rise in the franc. The previous intervention earlier this year has left a huge overhang of liquidity in the economy and the Swiss National Bank doesn’t want to further boost the money supply.” In addition, the SNB experienced losses of 22 Billion on its forex reserves in the first nine months of this year, and will be reluctant to incur further losses by resuming intervention.

In short, aside from this lone point of uncertainty, all factors point to continued upside.
The FED is NOT Operating as an Independent Entity of the Government!!!
Sent: Jan 1, 2011 at 9:54 AM

The FED is NOT operating as an Independent entity of the Government!!!  You know Goldman is an institution of the FED and my, are they ripe with an Agenda!!

THIS is why we the people need to Restore Our Constitutional Authority over our Monetary POLICY. You cannot stop the Manipulation of the way the Money is being directed and the Ideology of an Agenda if we do not control the Monetary Policy in the House with the majority of we the people representing the use of the Funds.

The Agenda is clear: Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir

The Ideology that makes up the advisory list in the Whitehouse is clear with an Agenda and is so connected to the FEDERAL RESERVE!!!!

Richard Gephardt: Advisor. He is also an active consultant for Goldman Sachs.

Michael Granoff: a money man, and contributed lots of bucks as a "mega donor" to the Obama campaign.  He is also one of the 19 members of the Goldman Sachs-Robert Rubin funded Hamilton Project. Seeing the Population Control Agenda through the realm of financial control we the people can start to see the connection of how they crafted the method of actions to accomplish the goal of the Agenda. This is why we cannot see a clear distinction between the 2 parties today.

They all are part of this agenda. The only way to break it is to take back control of the Money Creation POLICY that is within the confinements of the Federal Reserve because they (the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve are made up of these same Ideologues), look within the conversations of the opposition and you will see the same conversations going on inside their ranks as is in the others.

Obama’s “Smoking Gun”: His Hamilton Project Speech shows his links to Goldman, Entitlement Cuts (Part 1)

William C. Dudley: became the 10th president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on January 27, 2009. Mr. Dudley was a partner and managing director at Goldman, Sachs & Company and was the firm’s chief U.S. economist for a decade.

Blair W. Effron: a bundler for the 2008 Obama campaign.  Effron is also on the Advisory Council of the Goldman Sachs/Robert Rubin funded Hamilton Project.

Michael Froman: deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs, a position to be held jointly at the National Security Council and the National Economic Council. His responsibilities will include serving as the White House liaison to the G7, G8 and G20 summits of economic powers.   Before moving to the Obama administration, Froman most recently was a managing director of Citigroup’s Citi Alternative Investments Institutional Clients Group, where he was head of infrastructure and sustainable development. He also served on 12-member advisory board of the Obama campaign’s transition team. Frohman, who was Mr. Goldman Sach’s former Chief of Staff, as an "informal adviser" to Obama.

But before we swallow the little red pill that’s prescribed by the Medicare Panel maybe we should debate the truth about fertility in the world:  

What countries are REALLY Needing a reality Check about population sustainability before we forfeit our right to FREEDOM of Choice [or] FREEDOM period? Just because of the Agenda that seems to be lacking in evidence that America is over populating the world!!!! From my view of this chart (SlantRight Editor: See the CIA link above) it seems if you extract Illegal Immigration the USA is a sustainable Population and in fact going negative in the near future with the baby-boomer era coming on. So who is B. Sing Who here and Why, when America is already a working Model for sustainable growth? All we need is some hope for risk takers and a recapitalization of the funding of a Renewable set of resources.

In an attempt to legitimately describe the true intent of the FEDERAL RESERVE'S purpose, Has the FEDERAL RESERVE become Obsolete because it accomplished its intended goal to help develop the undeveloped world??? And if this is true then has the Federal Reserve now become a Financial Tool for a Shadow Government that Has an Agenda of Population Control? And could this be a reason why it has become Obsolete in the sustainability of the Independence of the US Citizens a Threat worth Considering in Today's Financial crisis of Confidence in economic recovery????

This a Case for USA Monetary Policy to be placed back in the Hands of the American People under Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution. The Current system that was put in place almost 100 years ago with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was done at a time when developing the 3rd world to lift the economic structures and functions up in these societies as a way to elevate human equality has reached its goal overall. The way the Federal Reserve is Now a Constant Conflict of Interest to the American people with Its ability to place the American people in Debt to benefit the trade Partners of other Nations has become such a burden on the USA Economic and Foreign Policies over the years that a New direction in Monetary Policy that should be determined by the Majority of American people is what needs to be brought back into action with the HR 833 Bill that’s Now in Committee in Congress.

If you watch these videos you will see how Conflicts that have great economic consequences to the American people have now reached a Point of saturation:    GREENSPAN says bank fraud was everywhere

This is Ben Bernanke telling congress the FED Bailed out foreign Investors and stuck the American people with the DEBT.

Google the word OVERPOPULATION and the Agenda becomes clear [that] the USA should Not have to forfeit our Rights and our Liberties just because some in the world see us as a complication to establishing the Agenda to control resources and then what Depends on those resources - people!!! If we are a large Consumer of world marketable resources like OIL and this is a target of an agenda to redistribute this resource then it should not come with a restriction of our ability to find and fund the development of an alternative, but I believe this type of funding will be hard to find unless we the people are In Control of the Monetary Policy that can Issue the use of these type of development funds and direct them towards areas of this type of development in the USA. This is the only way to put people back to work in the USA and Keep the USA independent in its ability to create and access some form of resource supply in an abundant form that can increase quality of life and through abundantly supplying this access to resources domestically we can keep costs stable to the consumer and therefore the markets. This approach would also help keep world markets stable, but it won't happen as long as we have a manipulated Federal Reserve by a Bunch of Government Ideologues that think they only have the solution to their view of a World Over Population fear that thinks American Free Enterprise has to be stopped and folded into a One world Operation so [that] rationing of resources can be achieved!!! This is what’s wrong with the economic recovery, these Ideologues are trying to poke through their agenda in any way they can see an Opening.

We the people need to take control of the Monetary Policy in the USA and redesign and develop our long term economic policy around the way we issue credit and value its development because the FEDERAL RESERVE is too Internationally influenced and this is placing the USA in a Position of under valuation and under appreciation in every aspect and it’s time for a Change. HR 833 bill:  

But it happened because they planned it. See these links again to reference the Plan and why:

This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent: Jan 1, 2011 at 1:01 PM

Listen to this: Greenspan is talking out of both sides of his mouth about the Control of Interest rates in this video. First he said they could not do anything about the Interest rate decline that led to the Over exuberance in Home Lending then in the next Breath he says  the Federal Reserve answers to NO government agency and is able to do whatever they want. So if that [is] the case and NO GOVERNMENT POPULOUS interference is involved in the policy of making loans and setting Interest rates to effect the Solvency of the US dollar markets, then why didn't they raise the rates on Interest to keep from Over leveraging the Home Mortgage markets??

The Federal Reserve could have increased rates on the bond markets and this would have forced Fanny and Freddy to do one of 2 things: either maintain their Independence and raise their rates with the Fed or show that they really were a ploy for the Congress to feed their Populous politics policy that Over lent to the Community Reinvestment Act. This is why we saw the collapse of Fanny and FREDDY. It’s time we the people stood up and demanded this be exposed for what it is. it looks like from the double talk here in this video that the FEDERAL RESERVE took down the Mortgage INDUSTRY [and] is responsible for all the States now not being able to meet their budget and pension obligations all from the depression in Real estate prices that these State Budgets and pension Plans were structured around.

This Proves the FEDERAL RESERVE is not Operating in the best Interests of the USA, its Citizens or as Custodian of the Solvency of our US DOLLAR. It’s time to End the FED, they are Obsolete. We the People can do Better. we the People can be more solvent with our Monetary Policy because after all we the people are the ones getting stuck with this Debt. This Federal Reserve is claiming they are Without Obligations to anyone public or private. This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al-Qaeda Bomb-making Manual Now on the Internet 
Sent: Jan 3, 2011 at 9:30 PM

The al-Qaeda Bomb-making Manual is Now on the Internet. Where is the Main Stream Media calling for the Peaceful Muslims to throw these guys Under the bus and anyone even slightly tolerating this??????

You can access this course at:
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