Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mud libel

Stand With Palin
Establishment Republicans do not believe in Sarah Palin as a Conservative standard bearer. Fortunately for those who love to read political wit that drives Leftists nuts, Ann Coulter is not one of those establishment Republicans. Palin’s folksy and grassroots Conservatism that has so much identified with the Tea Party Movement even though I believe she is not an actual member of any Tea Party organization.

I am elated to discover that even Coulter is defending Sarah Palin from absurd and reprehensible “BLOOD LIBEL” being dished out by Leftists in the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Party. Let’s be clear about the phrase “blood libel.” The original context of the phrase was lies made up about Jews doing horrible things to Christians. In the context of the Muslim world, lies are made up all time relating to Jewish atrocities. The phrase “blood libel” has been used so often that it has begun to be associated with villainous lies against a group of people or organizations against other groups or organizations. Although the a blood libel has a primary meaning of debasing Jews, today the term has evolved outside of the Jewish context.

So let us read Ann Coulter’s defense of Palin.

JRH 1/20/11

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