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The Nazi Experience and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism

Nazi Islam Salute
Someone sent a comment to me from my old website that is in archive mode. Amazingly the system still works when a comment is sent. It is amazing because I do not have actual control of the website. I had a disagreement with the owner of the servers for The dispute led to an agreement to leave the site up as an archive, but if you click there you may receive an error message that claims the website’s bandwidth has been exceeded (If you are interested in reading – as an archive site you can let the owner of the server know HERE).
So it is amazing that the system sends me a message every so often. The SlantRight comment led me to a blog called The Critical Thinker. The last that I checked that blog has not been active since 12/13/11.

The commenter wanted me to know about some insight from Dr. Emanuel Tanay of whom I had posted one of his essays explaining the Islamic doctrine of abrogation [SlantRight Correction 9/30/12: Oops, I confused Emanuel Tanay with David Bukay. Bukay is the person who actually wrote the piece on abrogation.]. The Tanay information in this post is a bit dated; however it is quite on point with today’s Muslim reaction to Western Free Speech (American Free Speech in particular). I have no doubt the Muslim rioting against U.S. Embassies have been incited by Muslims that follow the purist theology of what we in the West call Radical Islam or Political Islam.

JRH 9/29/12 (Hat Tip: Dorit)
The Nazi Experience and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism
Nazi Brass
September 9, 2008
We are often told that radical ideas about anything–whether it be religion, politics, or philosophies, can be tolerated as long as these ideas remain within the minority of individuals.
A US-based psychiatrist, Dr. Emanuel Tanay, offered some insight into the power of ideas that while emerging from a small minority, can take over whole populations and create massive impact. He also highlights that fence-sitters, or the silent majority–are complicit in any atrocities committed in the name of radical ideas.
Here’s Dr. Tanay’s Note:
A man whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War ll owned a number of large industries and estates.  When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism.

‘Very few people were true Nazis ‘he said,’ but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools.  So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen.  Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come.  My family lost everything.  I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.’
We are told again and again by ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace.  Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant.  It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the spectra of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam. The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.

It is the fanatics who march.  It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide.  It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave.  It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque.  It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals.  The hard quantifiable fact is that the ‘peaceful majority’, the ‘silent majority’, is cowed and extraneous.

Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

China’s huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

The average Japanese individual prior to World War ll was not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet.

And, who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery.  Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were ‘peace loving’?

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points:

Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up, because like my friend from Germany, they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun. Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghanis, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late.

As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

Lastly, at the risk of offending, anyone who doubts that the issue is serious and just deletes this email without sending it on, is contributing to the passiveness that allows the problems to expand.  So, extend yourself a bit and send this on and on and on! Let us hope that thousands worldwide, read this -think about it – and send it on.

Emanuel Tanay, M.D.
2980 Provincial St .
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
drtanay@umich. Edu
Emanuel Tanay b. 1928 is an American physician, a forensic psychiatrist, and a Jewish Holocaust survivor . Early life Tanay was born in Vilna but the family soon moved to Miechow , a small community just south of Krakow w . ref name archive Emanuel Tanay March 16, 1987, Voice Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive. ref His mother, Betty Tenenwurzel, was both a physician and dentist and his father, Bunim Tenenwurzel, was a dentist. He survived by being hidden in the Catholic monastery of Mogila in Krakow, Poland. ref The Religious roots of the Holocaust, Emannuel Tanay, in Holocaust scholars write to the Vatican, Harry J. Cargas, ed., Greenwood Publishing Group, 1998, pp. 85. ff. ref In 1943 Tanay escaped from occupied Poland with his mother and sister to Slovakia and from there to Hungary. They were liberated in January 1945 in Budapest. ref cite web url title A man without a country first Emanuel last Tanay access date 2010-08-13 ref He immigrated to the United States after World War II . He did his psychiatric residency at Elgin State Hospital in Elgin, Illinois. Career Tanay is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan. ref name Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Mass Murder A Forensic Psychiatrist s Perspective, Emanuel Tanay, MD, J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 35 2 152 153 2007. ref Books American Legal Injustice Behind the Scenes with an Expert Witness. 2010, Jason Aronson. Passport to Life Autobiographical Reflections on the Holocaust .... External links Dr. Emanuel Tanay Interview with holocaust survivor, expert on genocide, author of Passport to Life References ref list DEFAULT SORT Tanay, Emanuel Category Holocaust survivors Category Polish Jews Category American Jews Category American ...   more details 
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