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Book Review: Last of the Giants

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This is a book review of Last of the Giants. It is a Christian missionary perspective of Islam on the 10/40 zone of evangelism.

Here is the sixth installment from the Global Watch Special Report 2011.

JRH 9/4/12
Book Review: Last of the Giants

By David Aikman

Despite being published over a decade ago this publication still sets a hallmark for an appraisal of Islam and its surge on a worldwide basis.

War in the Persian Gulf, the collapse of Communism and the yoke released on millions of muslims living in the former Soviet republics and the rise of Islamic fundamentalist, Whilst these headlines are viewed by many as political events, The Last of the Giants suggest there is more here than meets the eye.

George Otis Jr. leads the reader deep into the heart of modern day Islam (within the context of the 1990's) This is a meticulously well documented account of the three forces that are moving in the earth today: Materialism, Hinduism and Islam and how powerful forces are currently preparing for a last stand against the advancing Church.

It is an important read not only to place the church today in a timeline of the book of Revelation, but to expose Western Christianity to the reality of the spirit realm and the nature of aggressive Islam.

The book is not about demonizing Muslims. It is about equipping the praying church how to wage informed intercession. Although some of the details are dated, such as the fall of communism, that does not negate the insight relayed through the authors study. The first nine chapters are devoted to the author's in-depth research both historical and contemporary on Islam as a worldwide movement.

The last two chapters tie together the belief that we are not waging war against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Therefore, the author encourages the reader to respond to his message through prayer or missions to this unreached people group.

The Last of the Giants combines two rare qualities for books considering biblical prophecies and middle east events: use of a reasoned scholarship and use of a subjunctive mood.

Otis brings plausibility to the spiritual mapping movement by painting spiritual dynamics with broad strokes that cover the entire 10/40 window. This carefully documented journey which makes revealing stops in Babylon Iraq, Mecca, Moscow and Jerusalem.

“Well documented, well-written and truly fascinating...One of the first efforts to explore the world of spiritual darkness in a global context…...A Major and valuable contribution to an extremely important subject”

David Aikman
Senior Correspondent, Time Magazine

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