Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hector Aleem Update 9/12/12

Hector Aleem - Help
Here is a Hector Aleem update! It looks like a bail hearing might actually be attainable. So it is pay the lawyer time friends. Mehwish is asking for a mere $300.00 for Hector’s lawyer. Just think if thirty people help out with $10.00 that is $300 bucks. If 60 people help with $5.00 that also is $300 buck.

JRH 9/16/12
Hector Aleem Update 9/12/12


Friends, yesterday was Hector Aleem's bail hearing in High Court. The judge agreed with the lawyer that it’s been three and a half year but Hector has not been granted the bail during this period and this is his legal right. Now the judge has called the plaintiffs, who are always unavailable (which is a good point for us). The next date is 17, 17 is both hearings the high court and the session court, the lawyer will go to both courts so again he needs some money i.e. $300. Kindly donate as much as you can. Please keep us in your prayers and those who can donate please follow this link

And those who want to send their donations through Western union please contact me.



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