Friday, September 28, 2012

Outsourcing to Communists!

John R. Houk
© September 28, 2012

Chevrolet – i.e. General Motors – has outsourced its production to Communist China. Chevrolet considers this outsourcing a key to rebounding to profitability. Keep in mind Obama gave bail-out money to the Chevy guys. Chevy answers the bail-out by investing in a foreign nation that is antithetical to America’s Free Market paradigm.

Before you go laying on the blame for outsourcing manufacturing work on corporate outsourcing, you should give a large share of blame to American Unions for demanding to large a share of the corporate profits sending companies like Chevrolet to send American jobs to foreign nations. It is just plain galling to discover that one of those foreign nations – China – stands for everything that would end our American Republic of Liberty and the Constitutional Bill of Rights.

Check out this video:

JRH 9/28/12 (Hat Tip: Shirley)

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