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Appeasement's Deadly Consequences /or/ Obama's Bloody Hands

BHO Foreign Policy Failure
Justin O. Smith appropriately castigates President Barack Hussein Obama for his appeasement style Foreign Policy.

JRH 9/17/12

Appeasement's Deadly Consequences /or/ Obama's Bloody Hands

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: 9/15/2012 1:28 PM

Our U.S. Embassies are attacked by islamofascists in a planned coordinated assault and our State Department issues an apology for the "hurt feelings" that a movie depicting Islam unfavorably has caused Muslims. From President Obama's anti-Israel/ pro-Muslim stance and his Qaddafi misadventure to enabling "democratic" frameworks during the Arab Winter and his reluctance to help the rebellion in Iran or now in Syria, Obama is sending  clear signals that the U.S is weak and no longer a force to be considered and respected. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma attributes the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-2012 to "President Obama's failure to lead and his failed foreign policy of appeasement and apology."

The portents for trouble in these two hot-spots were readily apparent to anyone paying attention, and if State Dept spokeswoman Victoria Nuland really believes that "the security at Benghazi was appropriate for what we knew" then she did not know much and needs to be removed. Fathi Baja, a Libyan politician, described Ambassador Stevens' four man security team as "sorely inadequate" in a country "still in transition" with extremists everywhere. And common sense alone suggested that islamofascists might see the 9/11 Anniversary as a prime opportunity for more terrorist acts.

While administration officials deny any forewarning had occurred, "The Independent" reported (9-13) that senior diplomatic sources stated that the U.S. State Dept had warnings 48 hours prior to these attacks that American missions would come under attack, but no further plans for increased security developed. Some forewarning evidently reached our Cairo U.S. Embassy, since the staff had long been evacuated prior to the "protester's" attack and Egyptian security forces were conspicuously absent (the same security forces that swarmed protesters during the Tahrir Square uprising), as these anti-American islamofascists scaled the Embassy walls and replaced the U.S. Flag with the Al Qaeda flag... and then they tore and burned Our American Flag! One must wonder if a similar warning compelled Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens to speed to the Consulate in Benghazi that day, in an effort to save his staff.

How hard it must have been for our Marines to suffer the insult against America and not be able to repel these despicable and contemptible Sons of Allah, because one: they were restrained by bollixed rules of engagement, and two: they had no live ammunition.

With full understanding that chaos and upheaval in these two countries was far from over, why wasn't better security and more Marines provided for the Cairo U.S. Embassy and why didn't Ambassador Stevens have any Marines for his protection detail? Why weren't multiple intelligence briefings, analysis and assessments undertaken by the Joint Chief of Staff and the NSA concerning the risk factors to these facilities in conjunction with the approaching 9/11 Anniversary?

These actions were not taken because America has a feckless President, Barry Soetoro...Barack Hussein Obama, at the helm of leadership in the White House these days; Obama attended only 43% of his intelligence briefings over the past 1200 days of his term, and, on the day before these attacks, Obama was absent from that briefing too. But he can damn sure get in his rounds of golf and scurry off to Las Vegas and Aurora for campaign appearances, before Ambassador Stevens' body is even cold and in the ground!

Ambassador Chris Stevens was a highly praised career diplomat, who spoke fluent French and Arabic, and he started out with the Peace Corp as a young man; during his Libya posting, he worked with Qaddafi, but he became the main interlocutor to the rebels in Benghazi for the Obama administration.

The fact that some 200-300 armed "militants"/islamofascists with AK-47s and RPG grenade launchers surrounded the Libyan U.S. Consulate, that they were there ready for action, suggests more than a "spontaneous protest." The "insulting movie" was nothing more than a ploy, and if it hadn't been this, they would have fabricated another excuse for mobilization. All the evidence now points to a planned assault on the U.S. Consulate and murder of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens by Al Qaeda/ Islamic Maghreb!

Ambassador Stevens had just returned to Libya from Europe and his location was confidential, which now illuminates a security breach between Libya's National Transition Council and the U.S. State Dept; sensitive documents are now known to be missing too. as the battle was met at the Consulate, some Libyans died fighting the murderous Sons of Allah, while other Libyan "security forces" removed Ambassador Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, Terrence Woods (ex-Navy SEAL) and Glenn Doherty  (ex-Navy SEAL) to a safe house. Shortly upon arriving, this so-called "safe house" came under mortar fire, and then came the final betrayal, as the Libyan "security" handed them over to their murderers. They died horribly but bravely!

"How could this sort of attack occur in a country we helped liberate... in a city (Benghazi) we helped save?" Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked this after the reported deaths of these American patriots. It happened because Obama is out of his depth and has thrown in his lot with enemies of the United States. Does anyone really believe that Libya's National Transition Council isn't full of Al Qaeda, Islamic Maghreb and Muslim Brothers? It happened because they hate us and the brainwashing and indoctrination through Islam makes many Muslims view killing infidels no more serious than slaughtering a cow, thus the term "kafir". As a whole the Islamic ummah has a pathological psychology and loves death...especially that of non-believers and Americans!

President Obama's and Secretary of State Clinton's Neville Chamberlain brand of diplomacy through appeasement and apologies set the stage for the Cairo and Benghazi attacks and this new rash of Embassy attacks in Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco and Sudan... no matter that a later sterner condemnation of the attacks was released. Nation after nation is falling to this grotesque, debasing ideology of Islam... Our sovereign territory was attacked! Our American Flag was burned! American lives were taken... destroyed! I don't give a good tinker's damn if Muslims have hurt feelings when they regularly murder with impunity in the name of their bastard god Allah! Plans at the highest levels must be made for swift, fierce retaliation and retribution in the harshest of terms... with overwhelming and extreme prejudice! Where is Obama's outrage over these heinous murders? And now, Obama pontificates on cooperating with the islamofascist Libyan government in order to "bring the terrorists to justice", as he assuages his conscience... But the blood of these four Americans is on his hands...Hillary's hands! May God Rest Their Souls.

By Justin O Smith
Edited by John R. Houk

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