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A cover-up in Libya?

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It drives me crazy when President Barack Hussein Obama tells the voters that Republicans are out of touch with Americans! BHO has screwed the economy. BHO has screwed the American image with weakness particularly with Muslims that hate our guts. AND BHO has screwed American Foreign Policy with a future agenda of weakening America further by dismembering the American military.


Come on voters! Are we going to continue to believe the BHO lies, smoke and mirrors to deceive us? I say NO!


Let’s do a pre-election notice to BHO and sign this petition that ACT for America is circling about being fed up with Obama’s Foreign Policy choices making us weak and a target for Islamic Supremacism.


JRH 9/19/12

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A cover-up in Libya?


Sent by ACT for America

Sent: September 18, 2012 11:46 AM


Since our Egyptian and Libyan embassies were attacked we’ve seen a steady stream of statements from the Obama administration, some in Congress, and some in the media and academia, who blame an obscure 14 minute film for the outbreak of the violence.

The Obama administration went so far as to pressure YouTube to take the film down! In a victory for free speech, YouTube refused.

These efforts to blame the film are dangerous and misguided. What’s more, there is growing evidence that the administration is blaming the film in an effort to cover up what really happened in Libya—a planned and coordinated terrorist attack on our consulate that, inexplicably, we were unprepared for.

The Libyan president and numerous intelligence sources dispute the Obama administration’s claims that the Libyan attack was a “spontaneous” mob outburst. These sources insist all the evidence points to a planned terrorist attack.

If this is true, the administration is not only emboldening radical Muslims worldwide with its constant references to the film, it is sending a message to terrorist networks everywhere that it will attempt to cover up for its own mistakes with assaults on free speech.


Then join the nearly 10,000 people who in one day signed our petition, and add your name. We will deliver the petition to the White House and leaders of Congress.

The text of the petition is below. VISIT HERE, add your name, or click on the image above [SlantRight Editor: That picture thing won't work here - Click the links in this message]. Then FORWARD this to everyone you know!

Let your voice be heard today!!


We’ve Had Enough!!


Since the unjustified assaults on the U.S. embassies in Cairo and Libya, many in the Obama administration, the Congress, the media, and academia, have apologized, blamed or insinuated that a satirical film about Mohammed was the catalyst for all the violence.

We, the undersigned, know better—and we’ve had enough.

We’ve had enough of the Obama administration’s efforts to placate Islamist mobs motivated by ideology, or hatred of America, or just plain thuggery, with its repeated references to this obscure film that prior to September 11, 2012, no one had ever heard of.

We’ve had enough of the Obama administration and some Members of Congress insinuating or even implying that the violence against our embassies would not have occurred had it not been for this “offense” against Islam.

We’ve had enough of those who say a single blog post about an obscure film satirizing Islam is somehow responsible for the violence and anger raging throughout the Muslim world.

We’ve had enough of political leaders who cower in the face of the intimidation and bullying tactics of radical Muslims around the world who can never be appeased enough or accommodated enough.

We’ve had enough of the “establishment media’s” double standard, who defend satirical films and art that offend Christians and Jews as “free speech,” but condemn satire that offends Muslims as “hate speech.”

We’ve had enough of American politicians who fail to see or refuse to see the clear and present threat the Muslim Brotherhood poses to the United States.

We’ve had enough of the message of weakness coming out of Washington when what is required now is a defense of America, a defense of our values, strength, courage and resolve.

We are the silent majority in America.

We don’t riot when offended. We don’t storm embassies, kill ambassadors, or torch government buildings.

And we know that we’ve been here once before.

In 1979, we said “enough” to an economy in shambles, skyrocketing gas prices, and a president whose weakness emboldened Iranian radicals to hold Americans hostage for 444 days.

On November 6th, we will again say “enough,” just as patriotic and responsible Americans have said “enough” in the past.

We will VOTE.


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