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Mecca and Medina's Demise

Nuking Mecca - sattelite example
After reading Danny Jeffrey’s thoughts that the world is tumbling nuclear war, Justin Smith writes about the same thing coming to the Middle East. Justin removes Danny’s perception of inevitability and leans more toward a preemptive nuke strike against Muslim world hate against the USA to bring a quick conclusion to hostilities.

As it is now the Obama regime and Establishment Republicans would rather let the torture of a slow move the inevitability of a nuke war that most likely originate from Iran to carry forth a Radical Islamic agenda of an international Caliphate.

Here are Justin’s decidedly politically incorrect thoughts yet if war breaks out a rather solid strategy to bring war to an end that is favorable to the USA.

JRH 9/12/12

Mecca and Medina's Demise

September 8, 2012 at 2:54pm

Today America faces a new Weimar moment, as we balance between the aggressive reality of Islam and the danger of its ever expanding core of fascism; and, as a nation, we can no longer quietly accept the Obama administration's softness towards tyranny, its reflexive inclination to appease and its uncomprehending hatred for America's exceptionalism, pride, courage and resolve in the face of a deadly foe. No longer can we accept Obama's false pietism in defense of a murderous Islam as a victim of the U.S. and the blurring of the line between Good and Evil. And, when your soul bleeds for your nation, you cannot afford the luxury of espousing the easy arguments or the insolent and inexplicable mercies of the Left towards enemies of the United States!

Last month the U.S. death toll surpassed 2000 killed in Afghanistan, with 42 killed by Afghans wearing the uniform of the Afghan security forces, as Iraq unravels too. This is the consequence of having never completely defeated the islamofascists in both countries, virtually letting them dictate the terms of their own surrender or being too generous in victory, and allying ourselves with Hamid Karzai and Nouri al-Maliki who, if told truthfully, both detest America and are the enemy hiding in plain sight and looking towards Iran; couple this with the known fact that Saudi Arabian and Pakistani ISI "allies", along with the Pakistani Haqqani terror network, continuously aided and undermined U.S. efforts with Iran also supplying competing factions, and it is no wonder the mission after ten years to this point is a failure.

In August, Iran began upgrading its short range Fateh missiles, as well as its long range arsenal. Iran also moved 2000 more centrifuges underground for processing nuclear weapons material, and just days ago Ahmadinejad visited North Korea on a "technology sharing" mission; the UN asserts that these two nations are regularly sharing nuclear weapons program information and components in violation of UN sanctions.

Tanks and thousands of Egyptian soldiers have entered the Sinai in an effort to supposedly confront and remove thousands of "radical" Islamists. While the Israeli cabinet authorized the troop movement and Egyptian helicopters, they did not agree to the tanks. Egyptian President Morsi's motives are suspect, since he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is using "former jihadists" to mediate with "radical Islamists" in a fashion that has given these hard-core Islamist groups a de facto recognition.

The Muslim Brotherhood may be only 84 years old, but its Islamist mission and a desire for an Ottoman Empire stylized Caliphate are as old as Islam itself. While they are Sunni, their Shiite brethren also have similar designs for control of the region, and in 2006 Hosni Mubarak remarked that Shiites were more loyal to Iran than their own countries. Jordan's King Abdullah described an arc of influence from Iran to its allies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in 2004... "the Shiite Crescent."

While Turkey, a NATO ally, seems fairly stable, PM Erdogan has attempted to shift the nation more towards stringent Sharia law, and he has made conciliatory overtures towards Iran: the Turkish society, as a whole, has shifted towards fundamentalist Islam, and the burqa has made a return. The only things stopping a complete shift are the influence and warnings from their secularist military leaders.

With Iran rapidly approaching the capability to produce nuclear weapons in an invulnerable location and Egyptian General Sedky Sobhi's remarks concerning "Egyptian anger with the U.S., the Palestinian question - the prism of pain through which Arabs see the West - and the U.S. military presence", many red lines are close to being crossed. But let no one forget that it was Arabs who attacked the World Trade Center and the Taliban who sheltered their mad-dog masters and financiers! It was Iran who overran our U.S. Embassy in 1979! Sobhi has some gall to finish with the notion that Al Qaeda "had tapped into popular grievances with American policy!"

A litany of complex issues are involved in Middle Eastern policy, too many to fully explore here. Obama is far too willing to let matters deteriorate to within seconds of disaster regarding Iran and anything else, as witnessed throughout his administration. And as the ascendancy of islamofascism gains momentum in each and every nation from Libya to Tunis and Egypt to Syria and the Arab Winter ("Spring") advances, we are also seeing a phenomenon more dangerous than Nazi-fascism ever could have been. Mitt Romney's hands will be full in addressing this should he win in November, but he has added some of the world's foremost experts and authorities to his team concerning Islam and terrorism, such as Walid Shoebat.

Due to decades of diplomacy and appeasement, which have failed and made the U.S. appear weak in Middle eastern eyes, and the hate directed by the Middle East Arabs/Islamists specifically at everything America and the Western culture values, the Arab/Islamic nations will never peacefully coexist with us until we have submitted or waged a total war on matter that the U.S. has given nearly every Middle Eastern nation billions of dollars of aid each year, often in conjunction with some form of debt relief. As terrible a thing as this suggests, I would prefer their deaths rather than watch one more U.S. soldier die in a Middle Eastern desert!... for ten years of what?!?... or see another sneak attack of the sort that had the tacit and expressed support of hundreds of Saudi princes and Egyptian Muslim Brothers and that sends thousands of innocent Americans to their deaths! If our soldiers and innocents must die, let it be in a war with a clearly defined mission, and let it be fought to victory!

In the final analysis, our future civilian leaders, the President/ Commander-in-Chief and our military leaders must prepare and commit themselves to the possible and eventual necessity of obliterating Tehran, Quetta, Islamabad, Cairo, Istanbul and any other stronghold of Islam, even to the point of unleashing the heat of a thousand suns... the Mother of Bombs... on the "holy" cities of Mecca and Medina and reducing them to little glass beads. At least this same action resulted in Japan and Germany redirecting their energies towards productivity in total peace as valued U.S. allies. And the U.S. has the power to implement this and other scenarios that would leave the Middle East threatened with starvation and Islam reduced to a cult status, as has previously been suggested by Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley, 1994 West point graduate and instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va; however, now it is time to move this hypothetical into the realm of serious consideration! The onus rests on the people of the Middle East who allow or give power and support to leaders that attack the U.S. politically, economically and violently through acts of terrorism. Taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslims... Islamists or not... even along with unfortunate innocents... will save the lives of millions far into the future!

By Justin O. Smith
Edited by John R. Houk

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