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Thuggery Involved in Walker Recall

Walker v Union Machine

John R. Houk
© March 22, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is facing a recall election because of the sour grapes and vilification of Unions and Leftists. In a failed effort to reverse successes achieved by Governor Walker the Leftist Dems and Unions tried to regain the Senate majority be doing a recall election of State Senators. The ploy failed! The Republican remained the majority political party.

So the Dems and Unions set their eyes on Governor Walker himself. The Governor faces a recall election on June 5. The path to the recall already demonstrated probable voter fraud to register signatures on petitions as legal voters. When the Walker camp wanted to examine the signatures to verify they registered voters rather than dead people or Mickey Mouse, a Wisconsin Judge nixed the examination.

The refusal of the State Appellate Court to uphold the original ruling of the State Circuit Court seemed a bit suspicious. Twenty-nine Wisconsin Judges had signed the recall petition to dump Governor Walker. These 29 Judges should have recused themselves from any Court cases involved with a recall election and especially pertaining to the validity of petitions put forth by the corrupt Unions and the nefarious Leftist Dems.

So what has raised the ire that Unions and Dems are resorting to machine politics of yesteryear against Governor Scott Walker?

Walker is the target of a recall effort funded by national labor unions. Why? Reforms he made to balance the budget have dramatically diminished the influence of public employee unions. If not reversed, these reforms will inspire similar efforts across the country, and the outsized power of public sector unions will finally be reined in.

Walker came to office in the Republican wave of 2010. He inherited a mess. Under his profligate predecessor, Jim Doyle, state government had operated almost as a slush fund for public employee unions. Giveaways to teachers and others put the state on an unsustainable fiscal path, so Doyle raised some taxes and threatened to raise others. He raided a state fund set up to cover medical liability, essentially stealing contributions doctors had made to the pooled account. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against that pilfering, but the money had already been spent. Even after budget gimmickry that would make Fannie and Freddie blush, the official deficit was $3.6 billion.

Just over a year later, Walker and the Republicans in the state legislature have nearly eliminated the deficit. For the two-year budget cycle, the state will show a $143 million shortfall because the stagnant economy has resulted in lower tax receipts than had been projected. But the shortfall is for the first half of the cycle; Wisconsin will run a surplus in the current fiscal year. And Walker said last week that he will eliminate the remaining shortfall without raising taxes. It’s a credible claim. He reduced the deficit without raising taxes. In fact, one of his first moves upon being sworn in was to cut taxes on businesses. His subsequent reforms have allowed property tax receipts to go down for the first time in years—by some $47 million.

The recall vote Walker faces comes because of these results. The key to his success was his restructuring of health and retirement benefits for many state employees, asking them to contribute 5.8 percent of their salary to their pensions (up from 1 percent or less) and to pay 12.6 percent of their health insurance premiums (up from 6 percent or so).

The unions correctly understood these changes as a mortal threat. Without compulsory membership, unions would lose a major source of funds. And without the ability to bargain collectively for benefits, the unions would lose their most compelling argument to convince public employees to contribute a chunk of their income—in many cases more than $1,000 per year—for the privilege of membership. So they took to the streets in massive numbers and pressured the Democrats they’d elected to do everything possible to sabotage Walker’s plan. Democrats in the state senate fled to Illinois. Protesters occupied the state capitol. The fight captured national attention for months in 2011.

The unions lost that battle, but they did not give up the war. They launched an aggressive effort to recall several Republicans in the state senate with the hope of reversing the reforms before it became clear that they were working. They spent heavily—an estimated $30 million—and lost again.

Meanwhile, the results of the changes began coming in. In Milwaukee, the reforms saved some $11 million, an embarrassing windfall for Democratic mayor Tom Barrett, who had predicted that the city’s structural deficit would “explode.” Localities across the state have seen similar savings. There is no disputing the central fact of Walker’s tenure as governor: His reforms are working.

That’s a huge problem for the public employee unions as they try to convince Wisconsinites that the man responsible for this dramatic turnaround should be recalled. So they’re focusing on two other issues: his 2010 campaign and an investigation into the activities of former Walker employees.

In light of the success of Walker’s reforms, complaining about what he said in 2010 seems unlikely to win many votes. So Walker’s opponents want to change the subject. Last week, Mike Tate, chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, toured the state in an attempt to link Walker more closely to an investigation of some of his former employees. Here again, Democrats have resorted to distorting reality in order to smear Walker.

… (Great Scott; by STEPHEN F. HAYES; Feb 20, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 22; Weekly Standard)

The campaign against Governor Walker is not based on what is good for Wisconsin. Rather the thuggish Union and the Leftist Dems of Wisconsin are out to get their duly elected Governor because his success in Wisconsin could very possibly mean the destruction of the power base that has perpetuated corrupt Unions and fiefdom Democrats.

The Unions are not hedging their bets with the recall election of Governor Walker. They are still doing the thug thing. Republican State Senator Pam Galloway is resigning early from her first term in Office. Officially she is telling that the ill health of a couple of family members has led to her decision. And yet some media investigation which some credit to Media Trackers, that Union thug boss John Spiegelhoff had been running a campaign of intimidation against soon resigning Senator Galloway to scare her from voting for Governor Walker's economic change around for Wisconsin.

Whether you live in Wisconsin or not, friends of sane politics and actual Liberty really should support Governor Scott Walker to overcome the huge amount of money from the nefarious sources of corrupt Unions and Leftist Democrats that have been twisting data into lies and/or simply outright lying to place irresponsible government back into Wisconsin.

Why should those of us outside Wisconsin support Governor Walker? The reason is because Wisconsin Unions and Leftists are merely mirroring the underhandedness of Leftist-in-Chief President Barack Hussein Obama.

JRH 3/22/12
The Mafia Is Going By A Different Name These Days – THE UNION!

John Spiegelhoff, Union Thug - WI

March 21, 2012

The corruption and abuse of and by union leaders is beyond-the-pale under this administration. We are in the Chicago politics era. It’s still the Mafia, they just use a different name and more successfully pretend they are something they are not.

No better example exists than the case of John Spiegelhoff and Pam Galloway. Pam Galloway is the state senator who is resigning and leaving Governor Walker without a majority. She said she was leaving because of the illnesses of two family members, however, media trackers has found threatening emails from obsessed union leader, John Spiegelhoff.

His emails should out him in jail, but they won’t because the administration is okay with this behavior as we have repeatedly seen. Hopefully, his emails will at least put him in court.

John Spiegelhoff sued an 86 year old crossing guard because he felt the job should have gone to a union employee – that’s the kind of guy he is. He has continually sent emails to Galloway calling her a “pig” and telling her that they were coming for her.

E-mails sent to Media Trackers from a grassroots activist reveal Spiegelhoff regularly harassing Pam Galloway for various positions that she has adopted. In dozens of e-mails sent between May 2011 and February 2012, Spiegelhoff threatens, harasses, and attempts to intimidate Galloway while berating her for votes that she cast in the state Senate. An e-mail sent on August 2011 has Spiegelhoff calling Galloway a “pig” after she was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Calling her service in the Senate “a reign of terror” and characterizing her work as “immoral,” Speigelhoff cast himself as a leader of the recall effort declaring “I am actively working against you.” Numerous e-mails contained threatening subject lines such as “we are coming for you,” and “here we come.” Another e-mail twice contained the threat, “stay home, Pam,” something that could be interpreted as chauvinistic.

In August and September of 2011, weeks before the recall petition period could begin for an attempted Galloway recall, Spiegelhoff adopted the line that Galloway should resign instead of face a recall attempt. “I wish elections were right now so you could be thrown out of office. Do the middle class a favor-resign,” one message concluded. “You overreached and you will pay the political price for it,” another intimidating message reads. The harassment concluded with Spiegelhoff demanding that Galloway “[r]epent and beg forgiveness.

Before entering politics in 2010, Galloway was a surgeon specializing in breast cancer care. Spiegelhoff implied in several e-mails that Galloway didn’t really care about women and was doing a disgrace to her medical profession by being a Republican. “[Y]ou are being used,” he ranted in mid-February of this year. “You sold your soul and disgraced the medical community,” he blasted after Galloway cast a vote he disagreed with . . .” Read more: Media Trackers

Spiegelhoff illegally signed a petition to recall her even though he doesn’t live in her district but was not held to account. He claimed ignorance, a quality of which he is greatly endowed.

Anyone who wants to call this thug who makes over $111,000 a year to abuse people can do so –

Give him a call at work: Phone: 715/722-4041
Toll Free: 800/949-6641

Wisconsin is fighting for its life as is the country!
BUSTED: Union Boss Caught! (Details Inside)

Sent: March 21, 2012 10:00 AM

Yesterday we alerted you to the sad, but important news, that conservative Republican Pam Galloway had announced her resignation from the Wisconsin State Senate - even though this is just her first term in office.  The net result is heartbreaking:  Democrats have now taken away the majority Republicans held in the State Senate.

Today, there are big developments to report.  It seems that after she voted for Governor Scott Walker's reforms, Senator Galloway was subjected to what is being described as a campaign of harassment and intimidation by AFSCME Council 40 Union Boss, John Spiegelhoff.  The union boss made repeated threats against Senator Galloway and called her a "pig."

Media Tracker Screen shot

This is what we are facing in Wisconsin.  It is all being organized by Barack Obama's political operatives and supporters in conjunction with labor union bosses and left-wing activist groups such as

These liberals will sink to any level to intimidate and harass conservatives into surrender - but we can't surrender to their campaigns of political terrorism.  We must not back down on our principles, we must fight back, we must win and defeat these radical leftists and their disgusting tactics.

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Thanks so much everyone for your help and support.  We're going to win this fight, we're going to DEFEAT the RECALL, and we're going to stop Barack Obama from getting Wisconsin's 10 Electoral Votes.

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Thuggery Involved in Walker Recall
John R. Houk
© March 22, 2012
The Mafia Is Going By A Different Name These Days – THE UNION!

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BUSTED: Union Boss Caught! (Details Inside)

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