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Personal Memo: The Road to the Convention

Brokered Convention 2012
Newt is counting on a Brokered Convention to win the GOP nomination. A Brokered Convention is incumbent on Romney not acquiring the minimum amount of delegates to take the nomination by Convention time.

On Super Tuesday I voted for Rick Santorum who did win my State.

I got to tell you though, if Newt did have a chance to win a Brokered Convention I would go with it.

On the other hand the social values of Rick Santorum are something to get behind. I am guessing there would have to be a large amount of back room dealing in a Brokered Convention for Newt to pull out a nomination; however dealing is something Newt has experience in as a former Speaker under a Left oriented President Clinton.

JRH 3/21/12
Personal Memo: The Road to the Convention

From Rick Tyler
Sent: March 21, 2012 3:50 PM

Can Newt still win the Republican nomination?


Is he still the only candidate who can beat Barack Obama?

Most definitely.

I am writing to you today because I know you to be among those who have closely followed Newt Gingrich. I have known Newt for many years. It was a great privilege to have served as his spokesman for over a decade.

Since late last year I have been working with a small team that makes up the Winning Our Future Super PAC, a team solely dedicated to helping Newt secure the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Working with such a loyal group of supporters has been a great and tremendously challenging experience.

Recently, many in the mainstream media have essentially dismissed Newt's campaign. You may have been tempted to do the same. But let me tell you why I believe that this race is far from over.

First, a short history lesson. For decades prior to Newt's election to Congress from the Sixth District of Georgia, the Republican Party was a regional party and not a national party. But Newt believed that our nation is conservative and that the GOP could once again become a governing party if it adhered to conservative principles. But first we needed to recruit and train candidates that could run as conservatives. To do that, Newt developed courses for GOPAC to teach Republican candidates to win elected offices throughout the country. But he did not stop there. Newt understood that helping our candidates to get to Congress would require a strong network of local grassroots support. Newt spent a great deal of time helping local, county and state parties organize, recruit the right candidates and raise money. Then in 1994, he successfully nationalized the Congressional races with a set of bold ideas contained within the 'Contract with America'. The result was a stunning victory for Republicans creating the first majority in both the House and the Senate in forty years.

The reason the election of 1994 was so successful was the power of ideas that inspired a nation. Nine-million MORE voters turned out for Republicans than did in the last off-year elections in 1990 while at the same time, one-million FEWER voters showed up to vote for Democrats. That was a ten-million vote swing in favor of the GOP.

When elected, Speaker Gingrich:

·         Formed the Conservative Opportunity Society in the Congress, which still meets today to shape public policy based upon conservative principles.

·         Took on President Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party directly.

·         Led the charge to balance the Federal Budget cutting both taxes and spending.

·         Strengthened the military and reformed Welfare.

·         Helped the private sector create 11 million jobs with pro-growth economic policies. During his speakership, the Dow Jones rose over 130% and the NASDAQ rose over 180%.

Compare this success to what is going on in the race for the Republican nomination today.

The front-runner Mitt Romney has steadfastly refused to run an issues-based campaign.  Instead, he has engaged in a scorched-earth strategy outspending his competitors by tens of millions of dollars running false ads against his Republican opponents. These negative ads have had a devastating effect on voter enthusiasm and turnout. Remember, the key to winning majorities in 1994 is directly related to inspiring voters to turn out for a positive set of ideas. Mitt Romney has eviscerated the enthusiasm the Republicans had just a few short months ago. We simply cannot beat Barack Obama with depressed turn-outs.

Romney has offered nothing to inspire voters. His strategy is rooted in the fact that he does not have a conservative record to run on.

As a US Senate candidate in 1994, Romney ran against the Contract with America and the conservative agenda.

He ran to the left of Senator Ted Kennedy and lost badly. In fact, he was the only Republican Senate challenger to lose that year. As a candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Romney said that it was a burden to run with an R attached to your name.

He called his views "progressive".

As governor, he enforced the nation's strictest and unconstitutional gun-control laws. He supported pro-abortion laws including the radical position of giving a judge authority to overrule the parents of a minor daughter seeking an abortion. He appointed pro-abortion judges. His state was 47th in job growth. He passed "Romneycare" which included a health insurance mandate, the forerunner to "Obamacare". He supported the radical environmentalists' job-killing cap and trade policy. Romney left the governor's office in disgrace. More than half the voters believed he did a poor or very poor job.

But more recently and perhaps most disturbingly, Romney revealed his true colors as a nanny-state politician when he condemned the poor to a cycle of government dependency and hopelessness declaring on CNN that he did not worry about the poor, the government takes care of them.

No wonder he only runs ads tearing down his competitors. Romney does not want you to know his record.

All in all, Romney is not us.

He has never been with us because he simply does not believe in the America we believe in. That's why he sounds so disingenuous; it's because he is. He does not believe what he says most of the time. Romney has failed to wrap up the nomination because the conservative base will not support him - the same base WE will need to beat Obama.

Then there is Rick Santorum.

He initially looked like a candidate Conservatives could like. But a look at his record shows he was often at odds with conservative ideas. When Santorum first ran in 1990, he said he "danced around" the issue of abortion because he was for most of his adult life up until that point, pro-choice. He modified his position when he found out that more voters in his district were pro-life.

He described himself as a "progressive conservative" which is, not only an oxymoron, but completely ignorant and irreconcilable.

Any conservative with any sense of history and judgment could not possibly describe himself as a progressive. Just to make the point, it was the progressive movement that promoted eugenics which, when repudiated, morphed into the pro-abortion movement.

The progressives also gave us Prohibition. That is the same thinking of the people who are now telling us today what we can and cannot eat.

Santorum supported Arlan Spector for President.

Spector was one of the most ardent pro-abortion members of the US Senate yet Santorum endorsed him for President in 1996. Santorum also endorsed Spector for his reelection over conservative Pat Toomy. Santorum said that Spector could be counted on for the votes where we needed him to be with us. But Spector was the deciding vote for Obamacare. So while Romney invented it, Rick Santorum, it can be said, gave it to us by supporting Spector's reelection. Spector, as you know, went on to switch to the Democratic Party.

So much for us counting on him.

Santorum, like Romney, is a big-government Republican.

He once claimed credit for saving the Food Stamp program. He voted for Medicare Part D, a program bigger than Obamacare. He voted to raise the debt ceiling five times. He voted twice to force FedEx to unionize. He voted against "Right to Work" and anything else the union bosses told him to vote for or against. He voted for Planned Parenthood funding even when he said he didn't support it. He voted for the "bridge to nowhere". His success in getting earmarks is legendary, a legacy he says he's proud of.

In fact, when Santorum was in the Senate leadership, government spending continued to explode and yet he provided no leadership to stop it. His mantra was and is “go along to get along" because he's a team player. He may be that, but he is no leader. And let's not forget, in 2006, he ran to the left of Bob Casey. Like Romney, he thought the key to getting reelected was to run as a moderate. He lost his Senate seat in Pennsylvania, the same state Romney is currently beating him in, by 18 percentage points -- a modern-day record defeat.

Here is why I am writing to you and why I don't want you to give up on Newt.

I am not going to attempt to persuade you that the challenge is not great. It is. But Newt can still win.

But, let's look at the current reality.

Newt is far behind in the delegate count according to the mainstream media.

But many of those delegates that they are counting have not even been selected yet.

Romney's challenge remains getting the required number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. Today, that looks increasingly unlikely if Newt stays in the race.

Despite what the pundits are saying, Romney needs Newt to exit this race as soon as possible so he can eliminate Rick Santorum. If that happens he will likely get enough delegates to win and wrap it up.

Santorum simply cannot beat Romney in a one-on-one contest. Santorum needs Newt to stay in the race to deny Romney as many delegates as possible to keep him from getting the required number of delegates before the Republican National Convention in Tampa. If that happens then Romney would fail to get enough votes on the first ballot to secure the nomination. After losing the first ballot, all the delegates are released and can vote for any candidate they choose.

In that scenario, Newt has a very good chance of winning the nomination.

Remember, the delegates at the convention are not casual observers. They know the history of all the candidates. They know Romney is not a conservative. He did not govern as one and would not. They know Rick Santorum did nothing to stop the spending spree in Washington and was absent without leadership when conservatives needed him.

They also know that it was Newt Gingrich who led the way in shaping our party to go toe to toe against liberal Democrats, not by accommodating them but by beating them with conservative policies.

They know that Newt has a proven track record of increasing voter enthusiasm and turnout. They know he would beat Barack Obama in a debate and on election day in November.

Given that choice, I believe the delegates will do the right thing and nominate Newt Gingrich.

Today, our Party has tried to recapture the conservative spirit it had when Newt was Speaker by forming the Tea Party, a direct challenge to the establishment. It was the Tea Party after all that led the way to recapturing the majority in the US House in 2010. It was not the GOP establishment. They are still active today and will be a force at the convention.

If the Republican delegates in 1976 picked Ronald Reagan over the establishment's candidate, Gerald Ford, we would not have suffered through four years of Carter. In August, if the delegates pick Newt, we will not have to suffer four more years of Barack Obama.

It can happen. In fact, it is likely to happen.

But to ensure it does, I need you to continue to believe in Newt and his ideas of energy independence, job growth, free enterprise and prosperity. While the other candidates and the media focus on trivia, Newt will continue to focus on the issues that matter to our future.

For Newt's entire career, which you already know, he has taken on what for virtually every other politician goes into the "too hard" file.

He led the GOP to being a governing majority when no one thought it could happen.

He led the fight for tax cuts, spending cuts, Welfare Reform and a balanced budget when the establishment said it was too hard.

Washington cannot intimidate Newt.

He is the only candidate with a record of standing up to Washington, which is why the establishment is working so hard to defeat him.

He is the only candidate who knows how to energize voters to turn out.

And most importantly, he is the only candidate capable of defeating Barack Obama in the fall.

These are serious times and require an experienced and serious leader.

If you are in a state that has not voted, please vote for Newt and help get others to do the same. We need as many delegates in Tampa as possible to win a brokered convention.

Consider running for delegate yourself.

Some say a brokered convention is bad for the Party, but what is bad for the Party is to give it over to the moderate establishment who, as in years past, will lead us to defeat.

Newt showed us how we can win and be a governing majority and he did it by running and governing on conservative values.

If you can financially help it would be a big help to Newt, we would be grateful. You can do so by clicking the donate button below.

And while I am asking for money, it is not my main objective in writing to you.

I am writing to you personally to ask you again to believe in Newt and our conservative movement. We can beat Barack Obama in the fall but it will take the right candidate with a solid conservative record - someone who has worked tirelessly for decades to make the Republican Party competitive by representing conservative values.

It's time to choose Newt Gingrich to be our nominee. Please go to and join us.


Rick Tyler
Winning Our Future
Paid for by Winning Our Future. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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