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Muslim Nations Regime Changes a Precursor to Abandoning Israel?

Ahmadinejad & BHO on Israel
John R. Houk
© March 16, 2012

Danny Jeffrey wrote a post entitled “THE COMING ASSAULT ON ISRAEL...PART TWO”. The theme is that Obama instrumentality in the deposing of Mubarak of Egypt and Qaddafi of Libya are actions that will also lead to the deposing of Assad in Syria. Libya was an Obama test run to perhaps see what would happen if America became involved in Assad’s departure. Jeffrey raises Constitutional questions of Obama’s use of power without Congressional approval (which means without taxpayer/voter approval). Also that Obama’s extra-Constitutional paradigm will ultimately lead to America abandoning Israel to the fate of Jew-hating Muslim nations.

Danny I had mixed feelings concerning Libya. Yes, the anti-Qaddafi rebels are emerging Islamist leaders. On the other hand Qaddafi has had his hand in protecting and/or utilizing Islamic terrorists for a couple of decades. The Islamic terrorists looked for Jews and Americans. In my opinion Qaddafi had to go. Qaddafi's departure occurred with a minimum loss of U.S. military personal.

Mubarak on the other hand was a staunch American ally even if he was a brutal dictator. If the Egyptians believe that government brutality will be less under a Muslim Brotherhood led government I believe they will be unpleasantly surprised. From my perspective a MB led government will even make things worse for the largest Christian population among Muslim dominated nations. Mubarak's sell-out by Obama reeks of Carter's sell-out of the Shah of Iran.

Assad of Syria is much like Qaddafi of Libya. Assad has been a patron of Islamic terrorists and a client of America's greatest enemy in the Middle East in Iran. He has to go.

Again, though a problem arises with Assad's departure, the Syrian rebels that desire to depose Assad are Sunnis that are influenced by Islamists. These rebels have already said that after a victory they would wipe Assad's Alawite-Shias. This would be followed by returning Islamic hatred toward Israel. Whoever leads Syria will not be beneficial to Israel except perhaps in the momentary confusion that will exist as Sunnis assert government leadership for the first time in half-a-century. The Sunnis are the majority population in Syria.

I agree on one though. Obama will sell-out Israel if he is reelected as President of the USA. I believe Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and an Iraq without American troops will begin hostilities with Israel as Islamist ideologies begin to dominate those nations. Israel will be back in the same precarious situation it faced in its 1948 independence when it was invaded by 5 or 6 Jew-hating Muslim nations. President Barack Hussein Obama will not help Israel.

I have not read Part One, but I will definitely get to it. You write thought provoking essays. For the most part we agree. It is in the minor details we might see things differently. I thought Qaddafi had to go and I believe Assad has to go. Obama’s use of military power without a commitment of a troop invasion of Libya was a good thing. The question you bring up though is excellent. Was Obama’s actions Constitutional. You provide a good argument for Obama’s military aid to Libya for being unconstitutional in that neither a Declaration of War approved by Congress was forthcoming or any consultation with Congress about using Military resources against Libya. At least President Bush got the democrats on board to invade Afghanistan and Iraq even though a formal Declaration of War was not forthcoming.

It is disturbing that the Obama Administration through the voice of Secretary of Defense Panetta that engagement militarily in Syria would be up to NATO or some form of foreign leadership coalition agreement. This is voicing an actual intent to exclude Congress from its Constitutional duty to validate or invalidate taxpayer money for a war to be fought with American resources. If Obama proceeds with such an option it sets a precedent to invest military power into the Executive Branch that has no accountability to a voter elected Congress.

Such an Obama action MUST NOT stand!

If Danny Jeffrey is correct and the Obama extra-Constitutional paradigm leads Obama to have an excuse to abandon Israel to the fate of Jew-hating Muslim nations of both the Sunni and Shia persuasion, then Obama would have perpetrated one of the most reprehensible cowardly agendas in the history of America’s existence.

JRH 3/16/12

By Danny Jeffrey
December 14, 2012

In April of 2011 I wrote an ominous essay entitled The Coming Assault On Israel. In it I projected Obama's involvement in the planned destruction of that little nation. The essay, admittedly, was not an easy read, as to fully comprehend the plan one had to follow many links in a twisted scenario sponsored by none other than George Soros. There were many dots to connect, but as with any puzzle, when you reach a certain point you can readily envision what the final image will be. I saw the final image then and recent events have added yet more dots that now confirm my original projection.

Israel's demise is planned for shortly after Obama's reelection. This is a link to the
original essay. You may either choose to read it now and return to this point or continue this essay and read it at the end through another link listed under Suggested Reading.In the original essay I put forth the concept that our military is now under the beck and call of Soros and is no longer operating in our best interests, and that our involvement in Libya was no more than a trial balloon that would one day be hailed as the precedent that would allow Barrack Hussein Obama to order our military to attack the nation of Israel. Events continue to unfold that tend to prove that I was correct in my assumptions.

Obama, without authorization from Congress took it upon himself to aid Al Qaeda in the overthrow of Libya. We had no right to help an enemy to topple the government of a sovereign nation that posed no danger to us, but we did. Consequently a dictator was ousted, viciously murdered, and then replaced by Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. This in no way benefited the people of the United States, nor did it benefit the people of Libya. Their lives were bad under Gaddafi; their lives are worse now. The only winners are those who support the coming Islamic Caliphate, a specter that no rational person wants to behold.

"Let me be, just for the record, be clear again so that there is no misunderstanding. When it comes to the national defense of this country the President of the United States has the authority under the Constitution to act to defend this country and we will. If it comes to an operation where we are trying to build a coalition of nations to work together to go in and operate as we did in Libya or Bosnia, or for that matter, Afghanistan, we want to do it with permissions either by NATO or the international community." Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

Hussein of the White House, has long criticized a Constitution that has served us well as being "Flawed." Now here, in a very flawed paragraph, an incompetent Secretary of Defense calls upon Constitutional provisions to enhance an argument to wage war on a foreign nation. He states that "When it comes to the national defense of this country..." Neither attacking Libya, nor Syria is acting in the national defense of this country. They pose no threat to us. They are not attacking our sea going vessels, storming the ports of New York City, neither are they launching missiles in our direction.

If we assist in the overthrow of the Syrian regime we shall be once again aiding the forces of Islam in their bid to take control of yet another nation and, in the process, seize the WMD of that nation. It is then, and only then, that a threat will arise, and it will be one that our government will have helped to create. At that time they will indeed pose an immediate threat to the nation of Israel, and after some of those weapons of mass destruction are dispersed into the hands of terrorists they will pose an immediate threat to America.

Let none take this as an affront on our military, for I write not of the military in general, only a few of their leaders who I feel have forsaken their oaths. It is the blood of our warriors that has brought freedom and strength to this nation. In younger days I was proud to wear the uniform of the US Army, but I would be remiss were I to blindly accept all that some military leaders say and advocate. General Wesley Clark, onetime candidate for President now sits on the board of the George Soros funded
International Crisis Group and The Center For American Progress. Wearing or having worn the uniform of this nation does not necessitate a loyalty to the Constitution, especially today as Obama is shaping our armed forces in his own image.

Senator Sessions also questioned Joint Chief of Staff
General Dempsey and found that he is quite ready to disregard our Congress and Constitution and follow the orders of NATO or the United Nations. Through the questioning of both Leon Panetta and Gen. Dempsey, the Senator shows grave  concern for their acceptance of the Obama administration's readiness to ignore the Constitution's mandate for Congress having the authority to wage war, and their apparent willingness to engage in hostilities via the approval of foreign nations.

In the original The Coming Assault On Israel I described the dangers of the Soros doctrine Responsibility To Protect. Later Glenn Beck discussed it and Caroline Glick wrote an essay on the same issue. R2P, as it has come to be known, is a plan to defend any civilian group as it assaults an established government. This principal is the moral backing that allowed Obama to order our military to come to the aid of Al Qaeda as they endeavored to overthrow the Gaddafi regime.

That same idea is what is now being called upon to get the US military involved in Syria. We did not intervene militarily in Egypt but provided the legal and political pressure that took down the Mubarak regime. Where were the advocates of R2P when the people of Iran demanded freedom? The difference is that Egypt, Libya, and Syria were basically secular Strong Man regimes while Iran is a hard core Islamic state, and the US government, under Barrack Obama, is now backing any and all rebellions that will lead to the founding of a new Islamic country.

The fall of all three nations, Egypt, Libya, and in time Syria, pose additional dangers for Israel as their weapons and technologies will be aimed toward our only ally in the area. And what of R2P and Israel? Why does Obama want Israel to delay an attack on Iran's nuclear sites until after his reelection? Liars, traitors, and smoke screens abound, but when you look through them and see the facts, you will find this scenario:

For Israel to have any hope for survival they must attack Iran and destroy its nuclear capabilities. Failing this they will be obliterated by an Iranian warhead. If they do attack the logical outcome will be a vicious sustained assault on Israel by Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian. Israel will have to deal with rockets, mortar barrages, terrorism, and suicide attacks. The Jewish state is fully prepared to accept this as a matter of survival. What they are not prepared for, and cannot survive, is R2P, and Obama is playing a game of buying time. He cannot afford to launch an aerial assault on Israel before the 2012 elections to protect the "Innocent civilians" that are attacking it. For all to go according to the Soros plan, the Muslim in the White House must first be reelected. After that he can claim the sanctity of the UN authorized R2P and declare a no fly zone over Israel as he protects their Muslim attackers, just as he protected Al Qaeda in their "Liberation" of Libya and currently plans to protect them again as they take control of Syria.

The effects of a "No Fly Zone": Air strikes cannot totally destroy all rocket launch site, as ground troops are necessary to ferret out the tunnels through which many of the Islamic weapons are transported, but aerial assaults remain a primary means of defense for Israel. If a no fly zone is put into place and enforced by allied aircraft, Israel would lose their primary means of defense and then shorter range missile could be moved deeper into Israel proper by the Islamic attackers. Hezbollah alone has an inventory of approximately
60,000 rockets
.  If the Jewish nation is prevented from self defense by the edicts of our Muslim leadership then that would prove the end of Israel.

It is for this reason that Israel must attack soon! He would not dare attack our ally before the election, and he will not hesitate to do so afterwards. With Obama's flair for claiming the moral high ground, as another crime against humanity is committed, he can tell America that we are not attacking Israel, only establishing a no fly zone in an effort to save lives. Of course rockets and mortars can still penetrate that no fly zone as the terrorists hammer Israel into oblivion.

After being assured of another four years in the White House, an uprising of American patriots due to him ordering air attacks on Tel Aviv would then give grounds to employ martial law on our populace in the name of national security. It would appear that he plans the ruin of at least two great nations in his second term, Israel and the United States.

Recommended Reading:
Muslim Nation Regime Changes a Precursor to Abandoning Israel?
John R. Houk
© March 16, 2012

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About Danny Jeffrey: I'm sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country. View my complete profile

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