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Agenda 21 losing freedoms in one easy lesson

Agenda 21 & Liberty Loss
Tony Newbill is disseminating some Agenda 21 information.

JRH 3/16/12
Agenda 21 losing freedoms in one easy lesson

By Tony Newbill
Sent: 3/13/2012 10:32 AM

I listened to this video and it is really worth the time. It’s selling info, but the message is Huge

Warning: Controversial Content. Viewer Discretion Advised.

His first five predictions have already come true!

Critical Warning Number Six

Fail to heed this final warning at your own risk!

[SlantRight Editor: Below is a much smaller version of the 32 minute video from the Newbill link above. I thought you would like to get a good idea of the information Newbill wanted you to grasp. If you want to listen to the entire Lombardi to sell a financial advice Newsletter that comes with some free incentives listen to the entire message.]

Once the capital system collapses as is described above, the New Agenda will be released as the solution to a New America and a New World ... order!!!

 Agenda 21 losing freedoms in one easy lesson

I thought everyone should have this. Please see my pamphlet on this and pay special attention to the BioDiversity Map!

Dr. Coffman is probably best known for his Biodiversity map, the product of 2 years of research, which was delivered to the US Senate by Coffman and three other esteemed gentlemen just one hour before they were to vote on the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (often referred to as the “Biodiversity Treaty”) which aimed to set aside nearly 50 percent of US land for wilderness preserves.  That map and other documentation was responsible for exposing and thwarting the plan.

For more about the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Wildlands Project and Agenda 21, please see “Taking Liberty”

Taking Liberty is a comprehensive look at the lower 48 states showing, region by region, how the Environmental Movement is rapidly abolishing Private Property in America.


What is Agenda 21?

My definition is Agenda 21 is a United Nations Global governance plan to regulate and control every facet of human activity on the face of the earth to implement one-world government and “global citizenship!”

If you were to hear that in the very near future the United States will have no privately owned property, no air conditioning, no dams, no paved roads, no way to correct rivers for flood control, no golf courses, no pastureland used for grazing, would you believe it?

These are all mandates of a United Nations program called Agenda 21 which was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. All delegates watched as four men, holding poles attached to an “Ark of Hope” which contained this Agenda 21 document! Within its pages are a substantial attack on the American Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. The primary target for the changes proposed in 1992 is the United States of America.

If you have been thinking that the information regarding Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 was simply "crazy" and incorrect information being spread by "conspiracy nuts", think again!  Once you read this program line-up, you will understand that there are those in our society who truly believe they "know best" and they will transform your world!

It is clear that AGENDA 21 is designed to replace the economic and social structure of the United States. The first version of the Declaration of Independence used the phrase “Life, Liberty and Property” and was changed to “Pursuit of Happiness” so that non-landowners could aspire to ownership, thus happiness.

According to the United Nations, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a key component of the UN Agenda 21. Through READ IN ENTIRITY

(Hat tip to Ginger Russell for uncovering the information on the Consortium!)

Please follow this link for the full program and the cast of characters:

The Club of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution are hosting this symposium

Perspectives on Limits to Growth:

Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet Co-sponsored by The Club of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution's Consortium for Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet

1 March 2012  [This quote placed by Newbill]

The Club of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution are hosting this symposium in Washington, DC to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launching of Limits to Growth, the first report to the Club of Rome published in 1972. This book, which sold over ten million copies in various languages, was one of the earliest scholarly works to recognize that the world was fast approaching its sustainable limits. Forty years later, the planet continues to face many of the same economic, social, and environmental challenges as when the book was first published.

The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 as an informal association of independent leading personalities from politics, business and science, men and women who are long-term thinkers interested in contributing in a systemic interdisciplinary and holistic manner to a better world. The Club of Rome members share a common concern for the future of humanity and the planet.

The aims of the Club of Rome are: to identify the most crucial problems which will determine the future of humanity through integrated and forward-looking analysis; to evaluate alternative scenarios for the future and to assess risks, choices and opportunities; to develop and propose practical solutions to the challenges identified; to communicate the new insights and knowledge derived from this analysis to decision-makers in the public and private sectors and also to the general public, and to stimulate public debate and effective action to improve the prospects for the future.

The Club of Rome, in its early years, focused on the nature of the global problems, the “problematique”, on the “limits to growth”, and on new pathways for world development. The Club of Rome is focusing in its new program on the root causes of the systemic crisis by defining and communicating the need for the vision and the elements of a new economy which produces real wealth and well-being; which does not degrade our natural resources and provides meaningful jobs and sufficient income for all people. …

The four Smithsonian Consortia (Understanding the American Experience, Valuing World Cultures, Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet, and Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe) help to foster a spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration to stimulate intellectual exchange and scholarship within the Smithsonian and beyond. They incubate, develop, and launch collaborations among scholars in our museums, research centers, and educational programs to address the four Grand Challenges of the Smithsonian’s Strategic Plan.

Historically, scientists at the Smithsonian have studied species in a range of ecosystems with the goal of enhancing knowledge of biodiversity and the healthy functioning of sustainable ecosystems. Through the Consortium for Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet the Smithsonian fosters interdisciplinary research and harnesses its institutional power to expand its work and find innovative approaches to global problems that stem from biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, climate change, and human-biosphere interactions. The Consortium supports Smithsonian projects that READ IN ENTIRITY [Quote placed by SlantRight Editor]

[SlantRight Editor: You have to read between the lines to understand the threat these Agenda 21/Club of Rome present to American Liberty. The document is written as if Eco-Marxism is good for America and the world.]

In addition, there is a prominent coalition here in the USA, devoted to transforming our country into one that will meet the "Global Standards for Sustainable Development".  One of those coalition partners is an organization right here in Houston, TX!  For the full list please follow this link!

Please become involved in stopping the "Transformation of America", not to mention the World!

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