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Defenders of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks are Anti-American Dimwits

Bradley Manning Traitor
John R. Houk
© March 17, 2012

On December 2, 2010 I posted a segment of Hannity talking with Ann Coulter about the Wikileaks release of documents and videos the traitor Bradley Manning had hacked and distributed.

The YouTube video I posted demonstrates just how strong homosexual activism and how strong the propaganda of Leftist hate-America-first people is. Regrettably most of the comments on the post are supportive Wikileaks criminal Julian Assange. I have taken the time to defend my position on Manning and Assange. Indeed, here we are in 2012 and people are still defending the traitor and the criminal at that SlantRight YouTube Channel post.

Here is one comment trying to heap guilt on me because of the alleged goodness that Manning perpetrated in releasing classified data to Assange:

PeterCarthy – March 16, 2012:

When the documents in question show video footage of soldiers killing journalists, civilians and even children, in a matter of minutes, with no remorse when they realise (British rendering) they were no threats, and even arrogantly shifting blame on the civilians for "bringing their kids to a gunfight" then that’s when an American soldier has the right to release classified documents that show your government is lying to its people.

Frankly the documents I am most aware of are the ones that expose confidential cables between the diplomatic corps and the State Department which are meant to provide an honest evaluation of foreign national intentions, foreign diplomats, foreign dignitaries, foreign military figures and foreign government leaders. Note the word “foreign” as in not American. Whether the foreign is an ally, an enemy or a neutral; reports are bound to occur that should not be public because the analysis might not be flattering.

I was not paying close enough attention and did not realize there was a video released that showed the engagement between the U.S. Military and Islamic terrorists in Iraq. The video dubbed by Wikileaks is called “Collateral Murder.” The reasoning for the epithet is because civilian casualties occurred in this engagement. Anti-war idiots, Leftist apologists and homosexual activists are proclaiming the traitor Bradley Manning a whistleblowing hero because of the propaganda this video exposes that the American Military is involved in war crime atrocities.

I can sum up the truth of this engagement with Islamic terrorists with the comment I left for PeterCarthy:

SlantRightMarch 17, 2012:

Yeah, I watched the entire video from beginning to end. I saw soldiers nailing Islamic terrorists with AK-47s and RPGs preparing to engage US troops. We got them first and then discovered there were kids among the terrorists probably as human shields. The kids' injuries or deaths were the fault of terrorists and NOT US troops! Manning is a traitor for releasing other documents compromising the secret reports of State Dept cables that provide honest evaluations in diplomacy.

That’s right, the video clearly shows professional soldiers locating Islamic terrorists with AK-47s and RPGs. From the audio of the video you can tell that the Islamic terrorists were preparing to engage US troops with the weaponry. The Islamic terrorists were targeted from the air and nailed. Some ran into a building and the building was destroyed. When the ground troops arrived for clean-up purposes it was discovered that some children was among the wounded.

You have to realize that Islamic terrorists preparing to engage American troops had children with them. The children could not be seen from the video vantage. The children were discovered by the ground troops. A soldier can be heard calling for emergency evacuation of the children to get them to a hospital for treatment. I have to wonder if people wounded by Islamic terrorists would have received the same medical attention as American troops provided to civilians they had wounded. In fact I am willing to bet that Islamic terrorist would not only target purposely American-friendly Iraqis and their children but would have tortured them if they had survived their wounds.

This so-called “Collateral Murder” video demonstrates just how manipulative Leftists and American-haters can be in twisting the facts. You can see for yourself in this 39 minute video courtesy of AlJazeeraEnglish on Apr 7, 2010.

JRH 3/17/12 (Hat Tip: Adam Sharp of

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