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From Toulouse to Riga - Focus Europe: Current Trends in…

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Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. The Anti-Semitism is at a level in which many Europeans are blaming the ills of the world on Jews and Israel. I received an email from the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) that is an email alert about the situation in Europe and also points to a report that provides an analytic brief of European Anti-Semitism.

JRH 3/24/12
From Toulouse to Riga - Focus Europe: Current Trends in Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Prejudice

Sent by Simon Wiesenthal Center
Sent: March 22, 2012 8:06 AM

Not far from the Holocaust Memorial in Toulouse, France a father, his two children and an 8-year-old girl were murdered ‘execution style' by a masked assassin, trained by the Taliban and claiming to belong to Al Qaeda who used a cell phone to film the attack. European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton linked the murder of French Jews in Toulouse to “what is happening in Gaza” before repudiating her remark.

Today in Europe:

•Almost a third of Europeans show significant levels of anti-Semitism

•Over half of Europeans view Israel as “the greatest threat to world peace

Traditional anti-Semitic stereotyping of Jews as a money-hungry, power-seeking minority remains strong

•The “new anti-Semitism” using “anti-Zionism” as cover for Jew hatred and featuring Holocaust denial and anti-Israel conspiracy theories is increasingly prevalent

Anti-Jewish hate crimes, ranging from verbal harassment to vandalism and arson, and violence have become a fact of life across “the new Europe”

•Laws against Holocaust denial have not prevented the emergence of extremist movements on both right and
left promoting new anti-Jewish, anti-Israel ideologies and seeking to complete Hitler’s work
•Positive tolerance education programs are failing to reach enough of Europe’s next generation, even in “enlightened” countries like Sweden, where
a third of young people doubt that the Holocaust occurred
•Europe’s growing Muslim minorities are not being assimilated into the socioeconomic mainstream, and increasingly provide a
recruiting ground for anti-Jewish, anti-Israel bigotry

Historian and SWC consultant Dr. Harold Brackman, has authored Europe and the Jews 2012: Dramatic Rise in Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Prejudice detailing the current crisis in Europe.

Covering anti-Semitic hate crimes, Holocaust denial, anti-Zionism, extreme right and left anti-Jewish and anti-Israel conspiracies, and listing country-specific trends, this newest report details the current crisis in Europe and finally concludes with what can be done to combat the growth of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred in Europe today.

Your generous donation is essential so that we can continue to:
1. Confront the burgeoning anti-Semitism in Europe today
2. Disseminate this report to activists, diplomats and the media

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