Thursday, January 19, 2012

Conservatives Stand-Up to Support Gingrich

John R. Houk
© January 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich had a superior debate performance on Monday’s GOP debate hosted by FOX News. Mix this with Sarah Palin endorsing Newt in South Carolina to further vet GOP candidates by keeping the process active; i.e. to keep Romney from winning the nomination for the Republicans.

Well Palin didn’t actually say the last part but we all know that is what she meant. And I say good for her and good for Newt. Anyway the mix is this: It is time to unite behind a candidate that is the best person to represent Republican Conservatives. There is no way that Mitt Romney is that Conservative. He simply has a record of supporting too many Center-Left issues.

Regardless of some bad choices of hooking up with Alvin Toffler’s Left Wing Futurist vision of tomorrow, Newt has a better record of fiscal Conservatism with bringing the House of Representatives back to the Republican Party for the first time since President Franklin Roosevelt. The original Contract with America that Newt was the primary architect of brought a GOP majority forcing Left Wing President Slick Willy Clinton to move away from the Left to a more centrist position in order to work with Congress to govern.

A smart move now is for Conservatives to unite behind Newt Gingrich again. Only this time Newt will not be dealing with the Executive Branch as Speaker of the House, but will be in charge of the Executive Branch as President of the United States.

South Carolinians: Vote Gingrich on Saturday

JRH 1/19/12

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