Friday, January 6, 2012

Thoughts on Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann
John R. Houk
© January 6, 2012

I was a Bachmann supporter. She represented EVERYTHING I liked about candidate. Bachmann is a Conservative, she is a Tea Party Conservative, she is a Social Conservative, she is Pro-Israel and she understands that American Exceptionalism requires a strong military.

I suspect if the various Tea Party organizations across the nation would have been more vocal to support the only candidate that directly associated herself as a Tea Party Conservative, her numbers in Iowa would have been sufficient to keep her in the campaign for her to hear the voice of Conservative States. I am talking Conservative States that the Tea Party Movement was very effective in electing Tea Party candidates to Federal, State and Local Offices.

On Wednesday Michele Bachmann ended her campaign with a very awesome speech that all should check out!

VIDEO: Michele Bachmann drops out of presidential race

I pray the air kicked out of Bachmann’s Presidential campaign does not draw her to conclude to also not run for re-election in her District in Minnesota.

JRH 1/6/12

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