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Islamic Mad Brute
Danny Jeffrey alerted the members of the Facebook group 1683 AD of his blog post “The Religion of Rape”. Guess what religion that is. One clue: It is not Christianity.

Be glad you live in America because the epidemic of the dark side of Islam has not arrived here on the scale that it has in Europe; however the beginnings of infection are definitely in the news.

JRH 1/12/12

By Danny Jeffrey
January 11, 2012

When I was young I naturally read of the concept that we are all the product of our environment. I largely disagreed with that, choosing instead to believe that we are the product of our own thoughts and beings of free will. I still follow that premise to a large degree but not with the strength of conviction I once had.
My thinking, being young and inexperienced, was of course based on my environment. I could think as I chose without repercussion and as I looked about others were doing the same. I knew very little of the mental makeup of many people in foreign lands. The recent passing of North Korea's Dear Leader is a prime example. He lived a life of self indulgence while his people starved and froze in the frigid winters. One would think that on the death of such a man the people would be as happy as the citizens of Oz singing with delight about the wicked witch being dead. Instead they weep hysterically
. I can only conclude that they are indeed products of their environment. The world/environment they live in has so badly twisted reality that the people who are born to it simply know no better, and without the knowledge of the rest of the world, they are the products of their twisted totalitarian nation, for to them, what else is there? The same can be said about the dedicated but misguided followers of Allah.

There is not a man alive who could look at the adjoining photo and point out his wife, sister or daughter, for they all have been stripped of identity, leaving a cluster of women who both look and think act alike. The tragedy is that they accept this as proper behavior and most would not change it if they could. Calamity is something that can befall us all. Eventually death occurs with all living creatures, but before that end many suffer the loss of health, loss of freedom, and many lose their identity through various causes. Worse than any of these, however, is to have your identity stolen from you at birth and spend your life as a product of a warlord's perverted thinking, dead now some fourteen hundred years.

From birth to death they are all taught to hate. This brief video shows a three year old girl who is already beyond redemption for she is filled with hatred for the "Apes and pigs" that are Jews. While they are all required to hate, it is not their primary duty, for it is submission. All must be subservient to the teachings of the Qur'an for in it Mohammed, The Messenger, supposedly delivered the word of Allah. Islam means Submission, for all must submit. All of the religions of the world must submit to Islam. All Muslim women must submit to Muslim men, and the training begins early as female babies too must submit to the sexual needs of Muslim men. We call it Pedophilia, they call it thighing.

Perhaps the greatest weakness of the people of the nations of the west is that they live by the Golden Rule. That, in and of itself is not a bad thing, in fact the adherence to that noble concept  is probably what allowed us to build such a great civilization. The problem is that, having lived this way for so long, we expect others to do the same, and we are learning the hard way that Islam has no golden rule. The rule of Islam is submission, conquest, murder, torture and rape. Unless Islam's encroachment on Western civilization is curtailed we will soon see the first four items implemented within our society. At the moment, the last item, Rape, is a growing problem and we, the civilized people of the world , are beginning to have serious trouble coping with it.

If you have the good fortune of being in America while reading this, be grateful, especially if you are a woman. The women of other nations are not nearly so lucky as the percentage of Muslims in relation to the native population is the key. Once they establish a firm foothold and their numbers grow, so too does the incidents of Islamic crime. Oslo Norway has a sad claim to fame: Every rape committed during 2010 was done by Muslims, and it is not a simple case of a man raping a woman. They travel and function in what has come to be known as Rape Gangs, and they do so with little fear of reprisal as the Elitists who rule refuse to even identify the problem. One well established fact ... If you are unable or unwilling to identify a problem, that problem will get even worse.

To utter the words "Muslim" or "Islam" is almost a crime, and in some instances it is a crime. Instead of being honest about what they are allowing immigrants to do to their people the national leaders have adopted such terms throughout Europe, Scandinavia and England as "Asians," "Immigrants," "Persons from a non-Western background." They will use any terminology at all to avoid facing reality and admitting that gangs of Muslims are raping their citizens.

The authorities in Norway are either so fearful or supportive of the Muslim agenda that after a police report stated bluntly that all of the 2010 Oslo rapes were committed by "Immigrants" a public debate erupted, with women wanting protection. Such an outcry is not politically correct, and so instead of condemning the rapists, the priorities were changed and the police report became the target. It was condemned as being "
." This is where political correctness is leading all Western nations ... including the US. Don't use the "M" word or the "I" word and if the actions of Muslims make Muslims look bad, declare bias and racism on the part of the indigenous population. Shift the focus from the problem but never admit the truth.

Unni Wikan, a female professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, in 2001 stated that "Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes." because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. It never occurred to her that Muslim men should adapt to Western culture, choosing instead to have women adapt to the influx of Muslims and their attitudes toward their victims.

Norway is not unique! In Australia they have the
Sidney Rape Gangs.

England, unwilling to let Norway outdo them seems determined to play a game of "
Catch Up." as the problem worsens.

Rape gangs are also commonplace  in the
liberal nation of Sweden.

This video is of the people of
Serbia protesting the Muslim refugee policy after a gang rape fearing that murder would be next.

Naturally justification for the raping of Western women can be found both in the Qur'an and in the teaching of
Islam's "Religious" leaders.

One might ask why any nation would allow immigrants to enter its border, form into gangs, and begin an epidemic of rape. The answer is simple. The cooperation of some political leaders is bought and paid for with petrol dollars, while the spineless ones cower in fear. This video shows why
fear is so prevalent. While viewing this think of the word Horde.

Part of the Muslim horde of Russia set about to bring three days of abject terror to the people of Beslan as they descended upon a school, intent on murder, torture and the
rape of children.

If you only follow one link in this whole essay make it this one. When you finish it you will better understand the
monstrosity we call Islam. It was written by a PhD and she manages to invoke a sense of the horror that many images will fail to capture.

It is not just the Western women who fall victim to these gangs. The rape gangs target their own as well. In this report from
60 Minutes they speak of the horrors endured by Muslim women in Paris. One thirteen year old girl was raped by eighty Muslim men, others by fifty and others by ten, and most of these victims are afraid to report it, as in the Islamic culture it is the girl's fault if she is raped.

In Bangladesh a fourteen year old girl is
whipped to death after being raped by her cousin.

In Somalia a seventeen year old girl is gang raped after her friend is
stoned to death. All in the name of a good old fashioned Jihad...With Allah's approval of course.

This link will take you to Google with the search phrase "
Muslim Rape Gangs
" where you will find page after page of articles on the topic. Click #10 at the bottom it will add another nine pages. Click goes on.

The rape gang phenomenon continues unabated and one of the primary reasons is Political Correctness. PC is not only a way to avoid reality by being able to end discourse on forbidden items, it also allows for legal measures to be imposed upon those who have the audacity to say "Look! This is really happening!" A good case in point is the legal attack on Elisabeth Sabacitsch-Wolff who dared to say that "Mohammed had a thing about little girls." She did not call him a pedophile, even though he married one of his wives, Aisha, when she was only six years old and had sex with her, short of intercourse, until she was nine when he raped her. Elisabeth, in an effort to remain within the law of her homeland downplayed Mohammed's crime, but even after whitewashing his favorite past time she was still found guilty in an Austrian court of law, and she warns that such laws are USA bound.

Most everyone has heard of the Laura Logan gang rape incident in Cairo during the "Arab Spring." For the longest time there was almost a media blackout on it with few details being released. This was a great embarrassment  for the main stream media as they had done so much to portray the Arab uprising as a liberating event. To have one of their own fall victim to those whom they had been praising on a daily basis was a serious black eye for the left. Finally after being hospitalized and a lengthy recovery Ms. Logan had the courage to recount her nightmare at the hands of sadistic rapists.

This article from
MAIL ONLINE was her first comments about the assault, followed a few days later with a tearful interview on 60 MINUTES
. Now she wants to go back to work...In a combat zone. Safer than being around the men of the Middle East.

Looking back over this essay one might be led to believe that I consider Islam to be our greatest danger. That would be a mistake. Islam is dangerous. Its followers are fanatics. They openly denounce the concept of liberty, wanting not freedom for themselves, nor allowing it for the people of the West,  preferring instead to be the willing slaves of another fanatic who lived in the Seventh Century, while hoping to turn us into their slaves in the process.

These people who come among us bent on murder, torture, and rape are indeed a serious threat to all free men and women, but they are but a second rate danger compared to the political leaders that bring them among us. Watch Islam closely for they are now within the gates, but watch your leaders even closer, for they are the ones who continue to bring these shock troops to our shores, knowing full well the danger they present. In Islam we face fanaticism. In our leaders we must realize that there are those who would manipulate not only the fanatics but the gullible as well.

Every group has an agenda. The most dangerous agenda for us is that of the Elitists in power, for when they say that Islam is a Religion of Peace, they are setting you up for the next stage. Prepare!

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